Interchange numbering gives motorists a solid, consistent and precise point of reference when navigating high speed freeways and expressways. While the current NYSDOT practice in Upstate New York is to number interchanges only along interstate routes, in reality, there are many, many miles of non-Interstate freeways and expressways. Many non-Interstate routes in the New York-Long Island region downstate have numbered interchanges, however, upstate does not benefit from this navigational aid. The fact that the roadway is an interstate vs a state route doesn't negate the fact that millions of motorists use these roadways. As far as the driver is concerned, it's simply a different color route marker.

I believe that NYSDOT should be incorporating interchange numbering into new construction and all future sign replacement programs along all freeway and expressway facilities. This would be an excellent approach to phasing in these numbers. Attention should especially be paid to US Route 219 and NY Routes 33 and 400 in the Buffalo area, as these are major arterials in that region. Other routes of consideration would include NY Routes 104 and 531 in the Rochester area, NY Route 5 in the Syracuse area, NY Route 85 in the Capital District and NY Route 49 in the Utica-Rome area. There are others.

The sign in the example above would appear along the new North-South Arterial in Utica, which begins construction this spring. The exit number is based on distance based numbering, the standard throughout the United States. While the North-South Arterial is numbered NY Routes 5-8-12, I selected Route 12's distance for this interchange number, as NYSDOT usually refers to the Arterial as "Route 12" on VMSes, indicating that this is considered the "thru route".

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