3-digit Interstates

These are the three digit Interstates outside of the New York metro area. For information on the x78 and x95 interstate routes, see Steve Anderson's page, The Roads of New York.

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not in use/deleted - number formerly assigned to Interstate 481 from Jamesville Rd. to Interstate 690 in Syracuse. Briefly signed.


Interstate 81 Exit 16A to North Syracuse (Interstate 81 Exits 29 N-S). Counties: Onondaga. Length: 19 miles. Notes: continues as NY Route 481 to Oswego, exit numbers continue in sequence along NY Route 481. Some maps have a proposed extension to Interstate 481 from Interstate 81 Exit 16A northwest to NY Route 5 intersection with Genesee Street in Fairmount. Does not have mile markers as of December 2009.


Interstate 81 Exit 48A to Fort Drum Main Gate. County: Jefferson. Length: 4.9 miles. Relief for NY Route 342 from Interstate 81 to the Fort Drum main gate, with one interchange with US Route 11. Further information available on Wikipedia.



Intersate 287/East of White Plains to Brewster at Interstate 84. Counties: Westchester, Putnam. Length: 28 miles.



New Jersey Line to Rye at Interstate 95. Cross Westchester Expressway. Counties: Rockland, Westchester. Length: 93.85 miles (including portion in New Jersey).


Interstate 87/Thruway interchange 19 to NY Route 32 at Kingston. Counties: Ulster. Length: 1.05 mi. Notes: I-587 does not connect directly to I-87 and is not acknowledged on I-87. Concurrently signed with NY Route 28.


Reserved. Originally planned to extend from Interstate 87 Exit 3 (not in existence now - about 1 1/2 miles north of Exit 2) diagonally across the Town of Colonie to Interstate 90 at what is now Exit 5A, Corporate Woods Blvd. It was intended to divert traffic from the busy Interstates 87 and 90/Thruway Exit 24 interchange. It was deleted from the Interstate system in 1973 after it had generated considerable community opposition (NIMBY) in the Town of Colonie. Source: Mike Moroney. Also, Interstate 687 was never built because of a lack of funding for the program (in addition to community opposition). Counties: Albany.


Interstate 87/Thruway Interchange 23 to NY Routes 7 and 787 in Maplewood. Counties: Albany. Length: 10.51. Notes: appears to continue as NY Route 787 NORTH, however Interstate 787 technically crosses the Hudson River on the Collar City Bridge, terminating in the City of Troy.



The original number assigned to Interstate 190 or the Niagara Thruway in the Buffalo area.


Interstate 90/Thruway interchange 53 to the Canadian-New York Border in Lewiston via Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Counties: Erie, Niagara. Length: 28.45 miles. Notes: Exits 1-20 are part of the Thruway system, however only the Grand Island Bridges are tolled as of October 2006. Referred to as the "Niagara Thruway". Currently the only signed 3-digit Interstate to go to an International border.


Interstate 90/Thruway interchange 50 to South Grand Island Bridge. Length: 9.96 miles. Counties: Erie. Notes: referred to as the "Youngmann Expressway", at one time was to be called "PowerLine Expressway" due to the fact that it follows a large set of powerlines.


Interstate 86/NY Route 17 exit 36 south of Avoca to Interstate 490 in Rochester via Mount Morris, Geneseo. Counties: Steuben, Livingston, Monroe. Length: 81 miles. Notes: longest 3-digit interstate in New York. Continues north of Rochester as NY Route 390 (this portion formerly NY Route 47).


Interstate 90/Thruway Interchange 47 to Interstate 90/Thruway Interchange 45 via Rochester. Counties: Genesee, Monroe and Ontario. Length: 37.97 miles. Notes: Part of the former interchange known as "The Can of Worms" (NY Routes 47 and 590, Interstates 490 and 590) before reconstruction in the late 1980s-early 1990s. Part of the eastern portion of Interstate 490 follows the old Rochester subway railbed.


Interstate 390 on Rochester Outer Loop to Interstate 490 East of Rochester. Counties: Monroe. Notes: continues as NY Route 590 (formerly NY Route 47).


Interstate 90/Thruway Interchange 39 in Solvay to Interstate 481 in East Syracuse via downtown Syracuse. Counties: Onondaga. Length: 14.6 miles. Notes: exits were all renumbered in 1989 when the Interstate 690/NY Route 690/Thruway Interchange was moved 2 miles west of former location, (Interstate 690's "end" was moved west). Has a traffic signal during the New York State Fair. Interchange with Interstate 81 in Downtown Syracuse was deemed "complicated" and brochures were mailed to all area residents on how to navigate the interchange and connecting streets when it was opened. Has no direct connection from Interstate 690 East to Interstate 81 North. At the eastern end, there are abandoned on and off ramps where it would continue. NY Route 690 continues north of Interstate 690, without exit numbers.

After some research, I've found that Interstate 690 was originally intended to continue east past it's interchange with Interstate 481. In the late 80s and early 90s, a proposal was alive to continue the highway east as a state route, possibly rerouting NY Route 290 onto it. It's presumed to be a low priority project right now. The existing lanes and ramps were never paved, but the bridges are there and have been rehabilitated at least once.

(1.1.2006) Per Damien Clark, the Interstate 690 expressway was going to continue eastwards to provide access to Fayetteville and Manlius, and would terminate somewhere near the junction of NY Routes 257 and 290.


Interstate 90/Thruway Interchange 31 to NY Routes 5A and 5S in Downtown Utica. Counties: Oneida. Length: 2.55 miles. Notes: Signed concurrently with NY Routes 5, 8 and 12 and is never an "independent" road. No exit numbers. No mile markers, very few reassurance shields, barely acknowledged on guide signs.

From my research, I believe I-790 was originally built by the Thruway Authority as a two-lane, undivided highway from Thruway Interchange 31 to (at the time) NY Routes 5 and 12, where it there joined up and continued west/south on NY Routes 5 and 12 to NY Routes 5A and 5S. Maintenance on this two-lane portion appeared to be by the Thruway Authority, as evidenced by the lack of reference markers and Thruway signage it's entire length in 1976 NYSDOT photologs.

There is a plan on the backburner at NYSDOT to move the Interstate 790 designation to the existing NY Route 49 freeway to Rome. Originally proposed to end at the former Griffiss AFB, Interstate 790 would terminate at NY Routes 26 and 69, with NY Route 790 continuing west along existing NY Route 365 to Interstate 90/Thruway interchange 33 in Verona. Substantial upgrades would need to be done to existing NY Route 49 to bring it up to interstate standards, including median work, fencing and the removal of a railroad crossing just west of the former Griffiss AFB interchange.


NY Route 5 near Scotia (including short NY Route 890 portion) to Interstate 90/Thruway Interchange 25 via Schenectady. Counties: Schenectady and Albany. Length: 8.9 miles. Notes: Signed concurrently with NY Route 7 between exits 7 and 9. Intersection with NY Route 5S and I-90 reconfigured in 1997, including the completion of the link to NY Route 5, which is technically NY Route 890.

Interstate 890 was part of a pilot project in the early 1970s testing distance based exit numbers, therefore, the exits on the freeway are numbered by milemarker. Due to the placement of the exits, the only evidence of this alternate method of exit numbering is the presence of Exit 4C near the GE Plant.


Interstate 290 northeast of Buffalo to NY Route 263 in Amherst. Counties: Erie. Length: 5 miles. Notes: Highest numbered interstate in the U S. Initial construction completed in late 1980s. May continue at Lockport at some point.