Exit Guides

This page will take you to the exit guides for Upstate New York Interstate and other limited access highways. On the exit listings, if you click a shield near a state border, you'll jump to a continuation of that road in that particular state.

For listings of roads in the New York metro area, visit Steve Anderson's The Exits of New York.

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Click on the route shield to take you to a listing of exits and other features on the route.

Please note that like all pages on Upstate New York Roads, the pages below are built to internet standards as closely as I know how and use a lot of CSS. Unfortunately, this may cause some listings in Internet Explorer on Windows to break. This isn't my fault, it's Microsoft's for not sticking to agreed upon standards. Therefore, if you find that a particular page looks odd, may I take a moment to direct you to the wonderful browser called Firefox.

I-81 I-84 I-86 I-87 I-88 I-90

I-481 I-781


I-287 I-587 I-787

I-190 I-290 I-390 I-490 I-590
I-690 I-790 I-890 I-990

US 15 US 209 US 219

NY 5S NY 13 NY 17 NY 33 NY 49 NY 85

NY 104 NY 199 NY 400 NY 531 NY 695 NY 840

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