Historical Photos

This page contains historical photos and dialogs regarding the roads of Upstate New York. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank the New York State Department of Transportation Public Affairs office for their assistance on this project.

Some Historical Information:

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US 62 in 1954

Photo provided by Nathan Perry and Frank "Actionmaps" Solomon.  This picture was taken on Bailey Ave., in the Town of Amherst just north of the NY 263 branch-off, near UB South Campus in the summer of 1954.

I-87 construction

Interstate 87 under construction, July 1966. Photo provided by NYSDOT.

I-87 completion

Interstate 87 shortly after completion. Photo provided by NYSDOT.

I-90 sign replacement

Replacement of guide signs on Interstate 90, summer of 1999. Photo provided by NYSDOT.