There are numerous road related sites for New York and our neighboring states. This list is not meant to be complete and I welcome your additions and comments. Many Pennsylvania and New Jersey links are courtesy of Jeff Kitsko's site at PA Highways. Other bordering state site links courtesy of Andy's Highway Kick-off page.

Sign Manufacturing Companies

USA Traffic Signs - located in Binghamton, N.Y.
Mini Traffic Signs

New York State

New York State
New York State Travel Info Gateway
New York State Department of Transportation
New York Thruway Authority
I Love NY

New York State Road Enthusiast Sites

Street Signs USA - Mike K.
Empire State Roads- Nathan Perry
New York State Roads - Valerie Deane
Greater NY roads - David Golub.
NY @ Canhighways - Scott Steves
New York Area Roads, Crossings and Exits - Steve Anderson
Long Island Motor Parkway Page - S. Berliner III
Capital Highways - Christopher Jordan
Sullivan County Roads - Scott M. Eckers
New York State Photo Gateway - Doug Kerr
The Yamamoto Experience - C.C. Slater
New York State Highway Termini - Doug Kerr
The Roads of Kingston, New York - Jack Thomas

Neighboring States


Connecticut Highways - Scott "Kurumi" Oglesby
U.S. Route Six - Connecticut. - Route 6 Coalition
Connecticut State Route Ends - Doug Kerr


Massachusetts Roads and Highways - Paul Schlichtman
Massachusetts Roads - Alexander R. Svirsky
Arlington, Massachusetts Street Signs - Paul Schlichtman
Boston Roads - Steve Anderson
Business Spur I-495 (Waste of Film Page 2) - Michael Moroney

New Jersey

Traffic and Safety Signs

New Jersey Department of Transportation
New Jersey Highway Authority
New Jersey Turnpike Authority
South Jersey Transportation Authority
Atlantic City Expressway
Stay Sober New Jersey
Garden State Parkway - Bryan Katz
New Jersey Expressways and Tollways - Raymond Martin
New Jersey Roads, Links, and Exit Guides - Jeff Taylor
The Mid-Atlantic Highway Network - Brian Polidoro
SPUI Freeway - Dan Moraseski


Ontario Ministry of Transportation
407 Electronic Toll Route
Ontario Construction Reports
Road Signs in Ontario
Highway 416/Veteran's Memorial Highway
Ontario Good Roads Association
Ontario Highways - Chris Bessert
Ontario Roads - Brent Hooton
Road Signs of Ontario - Michael Butler
Trillium Roads Ontario - Michael Butler
Justin's Toronto Traffic Page - Justin Chenier


Pennsylvania Highways - Jeff Kitsko
A.A. Roadtrips-Pennsylvania Gateway - Andy Field/Alex Nitzman
Bridges and Tunnels of Allegheny County, PA - Bruce Cridlebaugh
Central Pennsylvania Roads - Timothy Reichard
Covered Bridges of Southeastern Pennsylvania
Delaware River Port Authority - responsible for the bridges in Philadelphia.
Historical Maps of Pennsylvania - Harold Cramer
Intelligent Transportation System Projects in Pennsylvania
Interesting Signage and Toponymy in Lancaster County - Dale Sanderson
Jeff's Clinched Interstates - Jeff Kitsko
Meadville Area Highways - David Brunot
MPG Roads - Geoffrey Hatchard
1946 Pennsylvania Road Signs - C.C. Slater
OldPennsylvania Highways - C.C. Slater
PA 147 Freeway Page - Alex Nitzman
PA 33 Dead Exit - Alex Nitzman
Penn-York Roads - Kevin Olmstead
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT)
Pennsylvania Highways Ha Ha Page - It will make you laugh, it will make you cry.
Pennsylvania License Plates - Alex Nitzman
Pennsylvania Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
Pennsylvania Neighborhood Traffic Calming Resource - Bucknell University
Pennsylvania Official State Highway Maps
Pennsylvania Photos From Around the State - Jason Bennett
Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh Roads - Bruce Harper
Pennsylvania Roads - Rachel Aschmann
Pennsylvania Road Map
Pennsylvania Road Projects - Brian Polidoro
Pennsylvania Roadtrips - Doug Kerr
Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
Philadelphia Area Roads, Crossings, and Exits - Steve Anderson
Proof Positive: PennDOT's Been Smoking Crack - C.C. Slater
Road Map Collectors Association
Road Pics Page - Adam Prince
Road Sign Page - Greg Coniglio
SWPA Roads Project - Adam Prince
The PennDOT Implosion - John Gephart
Uniontown Roads - Eli George
Warren County Travel Center - Kinuza Broadcasting Company

Rhode Island
yes, Rhode Island does border New York, out in the ocean off the end of Long Island!

U.S. Route 1.Net - Shawn De Cesari


The Roads of Vermont - Michael Moroney
Let Me Show You Vermont - Karl Chevalier
Vermont State Highway Termini - Doug Kerr

Other Cool Highway Sites

Northeast Area Roundabouts - Bob White
Kurumi's Humble House of Things Most Roadly - including the very cool Java SignMaker!
The International House of ZZYZX - a listing of all 2-digit (2di's) interstates
Traffic Stuff - Richard Moeur
Route Markers - James Lin
AA Roads - Andy Field, Alex Nitzman, and Jeremy Lance
U.S. Highways - R.V. Droz