The Route 790 Proposal

Redesignate the Utica-Rome Expressway as "Route 790".
Make way for the "Route 790 Technology Corridor"

NY 790 URE

The Utica-Rome Expressway is a vital arterial between Utica and Rome. It serves motorists well. However, to spur economic growth in our area, the roadway needs to have a unifying designation to keep our growth momentum moving in a positive direction. Having four different numbers assigned to the same roadway is confusing and does little to market the area as a viable place to grow business.

NY Route 17 in the Southern Tier and the Catskills is in the process of becoming Interstate 86 in an effort to bring "brand recognition" of excellent accessibility for industry to that area. I believe that this area could benefit the same way by renumbering the Utica-Rome Expressway.

It should be renumbered NY Route 790. We could then market the entire roadway as the "Route 790 Technology Corridor", complimenting Marcy Nano, SUNY POLY and Griffiss Park.

Interstate 790 currently runs from the Thruway interchange in Utica to the nearby interchange of Routes 5A, 5S, 5, 8 and 12. It is one of the shortest interstates in the country, clocking in at under 3 miles long. It is never an "independent" route, as it follows Routes 5-8-12 along it's entire length. It's barely signed as an interstate.

Wouldn't it be more beneficial for NY Route 790 (and eventually I-790) to follow the Utica Rome Expressway from Thruway interchange 31 in Utica to Thruway interchange 33 in Verona? No changes would need to be made to the roadway, the only thing that would need to be done is updating of the route marker signs. Also, having the roadway marked as NY Route 790 could make it an easy transition to Interstate 790 as the roadway is eventually updated in the future.

In addition, the interchanges on this roadway should be numbered, just like the interchanges on freeways and expressways elsewhere in the state. Click here to see the suggested exit numbering plan once the conversion to Interstate is complete. The exist interchanges could be numbered in the meantime!

NYSDOT has been working on this 790 redesignation but not much progress has been made in this area. Legislation needs to be introduced redesignating the Utica-Rome Expressway as NY Route 790 immediately with the intent on it becoming an interstate in the future. It would certainly help in the drive to give this area an economic boost. Just imagine, a unifying "Route 790 Technology Corridor" giving the area marketing ability of our growing place in the technology world. Even while this positive change is being negotiated, signs like this today would certainly help the effort:

Future 790