Out Of State Photos

Sign photos from Pennsylvania.

Description Photographer Date
I-80 exit for PA 715.. I love this style sign! This is an oldie from Interstate 80 in the Poconos. New York did a similar thing with route numbers being designated "N Y" or "U S". New York used rounded corners on the sign, and had a line under the exit number tab. J.P. Wing May 2001
N Y 17 in Pennsylvania. This is a PennDOT installed assembly for a NYSDOT maintained road in Pennsylvania. We are facing west as we look at this sign, so New York is on the right, yet NY 17 is on the left. Sound odd? Not really. NY 17 dips into Pennsylvania for a short stretch in Sayre, Pa. (just over the border from Waverly, N.Y.) The NY 17 shields and cardinal directional signs are genuine NYSDOT, the arrows are PennDOT. The Binghamton/Elmira sign is also a PennDOT sign, as noted by the square corners. The assembly must be a replacement for an originally installed NYSDOT assembly, as this is on a PennDOT maintained secret route, and most of the other signage for NY 17 is NYSDOT installed and maintained. J.P. Wing December 2000
To N Y 17 IN Pennsylvania. Another shot on PA 199 in Sayre, Pa. heading towards the New York border. The NY 17 shield was installed by PennDOT, as noted by the separate wooden post instead of a metal assembly normally used by NYSDOT. The arrow and "TO" signs have the PennDOT emblem on them (you can't see it in the picture), but I couldn't tell if the NY 17 shield was PennDOT or NYSDOT made. Earl Cochran December 2000