NYSDOT Region 2

What Makes NYSDOT Region 2 A Little Bit Different

Overhead Pull Thru Signs

An area of concern is at interchanges with "directional" exits. At these types of interchanges, traffic leaving the freeway have a choice to make, whether they want to head in direction "A" or direction "B", as there are two exit ramps for the same roadway, one in each direction.

In other parts of the state, this addressed as shown in Figure 255-13 in the NYS MUTCD or Figure 2E-28 in the National MUTCD. In both of these examples, the advance guide signs use one panel to indicate the upcoming interchange, followed by two overhead signs near the gore of the first exit ramp, indicating an up arrow for that ramp and a "NEXT RIGHT" or "1/4 MILE" for the second ramp that takes the motorist in the opposite direction from the first at the interchange.

Region 2 uses a different approach to this type of interchange, as evidenced by this sign installation:

Genesee St

There are a couple of problems with the current sign panels at this interchange. First of all, Genesee St "SOUTH" and Genesee St "NORTH" are signed as completely separate interchanges, when in fact they are the same interchange, just with separate ramps for opposite directions. Secondly, the panel on the left encourages the motorist to use either lane to reach Genesee Street NORTH. This would be fine if the freeway facility ended at Genesee Street, but it does not, rather, it continues beyond this interchange. Therefore, drivers that choose the left lane (as shown as being permissible by the overhead sign installation), must quickly move to the right lane in order to exit accordingly. This is a safety concern in that it creates unnecessary weaving and potential accident hazards.

I thought that this type of signing was limited to this one interchange, however, the exact same scenario is duplicated by signs installed in 2005 on NY 840 EAST at the interchange with NY Routes 5, 8 and 12.

Again, motorists are shown to be 'allowed' to use the left lane to reach their intended destination when that is not the case at all. In fact, this is an even greater safety hazard as the ramps are not separated as much as at they are along Interstate 790, and it's a busier interchange connecting two busy expressways.

As seen in the photo above, I don't believe down arrows are necessary outside of the EXIT ONLY panel as it's obvious to motorists which lanes are thru lanes.

Genesee St