NYSDOT Region 1 Photo Gallery

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Region 1 includes Albany, Columbia, Essex, Greene, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Washington. Click on image above to go to another region.
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Photo Description Photographer Date
Old directional sign . Found on Rice Road at Schermerhorn Rd. Adam Prince October 2006
State Offices in Albany . New signs pointing the way to the State Offices or Interstate 87 and 90 in Albany. Adam Prince October 2006
Overhead sign installation for State Offices . Found in Albany. Adam Prince October 2006
Blenheim Covered Bridge . In classic Adirondack Park colors. These signs are usually white on brown. Adam Prince October 2006
Locks to Lakes Passage Begin and End Signs (two links). Found on NY 32 at the southern end of the Locks to Lakes Passage in Waterford. Note the white "America's Byways" sign at the bottom. This indicates that in addition to being a NY Scenic Byway, it is also recognized as National Scenic Byway by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Only three of New York's Scenic Byways have this distinction: Seaway Trail, Lakes to Locks Passage and the Mohawk Towpath. Ian Hutchinson August 2006
Mohawk Towpath Byway Begin and End Signs (two links). Located on NY 32 in Waterford. Both the Lakes to Locks Passage and Mohawk Towpath Byways overlap on an approximate 1 mile stretch of NY 32 in Waterford. Ian Hutchinson August 2006
Mohawk Towpath Byway Begin sign . Located at NY 5 and Erie Blvd in Schenectady, which hasn't been uncovered as of September 2006. The End sign across the street is also covered. Ian Hutchinson September 2006
NY 2 shield. route shield about 4/10 mile for its western terminus at the Junction of I-87 and NY 7. What is interesting about this sign is that the reference marker is still for NY 7. NY 2 from I-87 to Troy used to be NY 7 but that was well over 20 years ago now. However, the dozen or so reference markers going in each direction on NY 2 from I-87 to the Watervliet City line are still for NY 7 with the exception of 3 or 4 which were replaced with a 2 marker but still with the old route 7 tenth mileage used. Instead of a marker 7-1108-1037 the marker that should actually be on or near this sign should be 2-1101-1004. J.P.'s note: It's not uncommon for NYSDOT to use the original route number on reference markers, this is prevalent in all areas of the state, most noteably in the Elmira-Horseheads-Corning area around NY 17. Ian Hutchinson September 2006
To South NY 32. Found along old NY 32 in Delmar. Adam Prince July 2006
NY 332 route shield. A typical three digit New York touring route shield. This is found in Delmar. Adam Prince July 2006
Scenic Byway Marker. Begin Scenic Byway. Adam Prince July 2006
Scenic Byway Marker. End Scenic Byway. Adam Prince July 2006
Welcome To New York - yellow on brown . Here's a typical Welcome To New York sign in the Adirondack and Catskill Park color scheme. This sign is on Reference Route 910L just west of the Crown Point Bridge. Notice the darker region at the bottom, Governor Pataki didn't feel the taxpayers should pay to have his name displayed back when he was elected. Ian Hutchinson 08.11.2006
N Y 9N - N Y 22 sign in Adirondack Park . Found just west of the Crown Point Bridge on Reference Route 910L, this sign is unique because of it's all text notation of route numbers and is in the typical yellow on brown Adirondack (and to an extent, Catskill) Park color scheme. Ian Hutchinson 08.11.2006
Albany Co. line sign . An interesting sign at the Albany-Schenectady County line, as "county" is rarely abbreviated to "Co" Ian Hutchinson July 2006
Schenectady Co. line sign . And here we have the other direction featuring Schenectady County. Ian Hutchinson July 2006
US 7 - NY 7 - VT 7A - VT 67A - VT 279 . This assembly is found just across the New York - Vermont border in Bennington, Vt. This is Vermont's version of the NY route shield. You can tell it's shaped a little differently than your standard Empire State route shield. Ian Hutchinson July 2006
US 7 - NY 7 - VT 7A - VT 67A - VT 279 . Another shot of the same assembly above. Notice the "NY" plaque to differentiate from US 7. Ian Hutchinson July 2006
NY 7 - VT 9 - VT 279 . This assembly is taken on the New York side of the border. I think the Vermont shields are NYSDOT made as the numbers are not your typical Vermont style numerals, but I could be wrong. Ian Hutchinson July 2006
N Y 2 secondary destination on I-787 . It's rare for a secondary destination sign to include a route shield. Frank Goebel July 2006
Older I-88 shields . On NY 7 approaching I-88 in Duanesburg. Adam Prince April 2005
Older I-88 shields . On US 20 in Duanesburg. Adam Prince February 2006
I-890 Exit 1B . Advance sign for the western Thruway interchange. This sign installation could really use the "Albany - Buffalo" designation. Adam Prince July 2005
I-890 Exit 1B. A sign at the beginning of the exit ramp. Adam Prince July 2005
I-890 Exits 1A & 1B . Overhead at the exit ramp near Rotterdam Junction. Adam Prince July 2005
Older U S 4 shield. But not old enough to have "US" in the top. This is found near the Saratoga National Battlefield. Adam Prince October 2005
Older U S 20 shield . On the Albany-Schenectady County line, with the older style of "2". Adam Prince March 2006
NY 85A Roundabout sign . As NY 85A approaches NY 155. Adam Prince  
NY 85A Roundabout sign . At NY 155, in the other direction from the picture above. Adam Prince  
NY 85A Roundabout sign . At the end of NY 155. Adam Prince  
All-Text "Merging Traffic" . In Downtown Albany as you get up on US 9 NORTH/US 20 EAST freeway stub. I remember when all merge signs looked like this. J.P. Wing March '06
U S 20 / U S 9 shields in Downtown Albany . Newly installed, these signs seem very small for their location. They're also in reverse order (U S 9 should come first). Jack Thomas Dec. '05
I-787 overhead bridges in Downtown Albany . Jack Thomas Dec. '05
Classic I-787 and U S 9 shields in Downtown Albany . Jack Thomas Dec. '05
U S 9 / U S 20 bridge from Downtown Albany over Hudson River . This bridge is part of planned expressway that was never completed, the east end "Evil Kinevel's" into nowhere if you don't exit as instructed. Jack Thomas Dec. '05
I-787 North in Downtown Albany . Jack Thomas Dec. '05
1 mile advance for I-787 Exit 5: I-90 . Signs like this installation drive me crazy. I believe every sign for an upcoming interchange should be consistent. If the control cities are listed on one sign, they should be listed on all signs. With all the distractions in cars these days (telephones, televisions, toaster ovens, kids, etc.) drivers are not paying attention to the road they should and make hasty last minute decisions at interchanges. Perhaps if the signs were the designed with the same information leading up to an interchange the distracted driver would notice their exit sooner. Jack Thomas Dec. '05
I-787 Exit 5: I-90 (Buffalo / Boston) . The next sign in the sequence, which properly mentions Buffalo and Boston. Jack Thomas

Dec. '05

Approaching I-787 Exit 5 . Jack Thomas Dec. '05
I-787 Exit 5: I-90. Here we are at the actual interchange. The exits on I-787 were not numbered until fairly recently. It's a shame that Region 1 didn't employ distance based exit numbers since they just did it not that long ago. Jack Thomas Dec. 05
I-90 bridge over Hudson River . Jack Thomas Dec. '05
I-90 WEST approaching U S 9 . This stretch of I-90 was reconstructed in summer 2005. Jack Thomas Dec. '05
Overhead sign bridge for I-90 Exit 6 . This summer '05 installation utilizes the new NYSDOT specs for sign bridges. Notice the more 'heavier' look to it. As an aside, New York is one of just a handful of states that actually rounds the corners of road signs, most states use a square sign with a rounded border. Jack Thomas Dec. '05
Free I-90 Exit 6 stacked interchange . As a kid I always found these very intriguing. As an adult, I still do. Jack Thomas Dec. '05
Free I-90 Exit 5A. This interchange was to be for I-687, but NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) efforts nixed that idea in the '70s. Traffic patterns suffer from the lack of I-687. That's an older style sign bridge. Jack Thomas Dec. '05
Free I-90 approaching I-87 (the Northway) and I-87 and I-90 (the Thruway) . Notice the abbreviation of "Saratoga" for "Saratoga Springs". This sign installation is from '03 or '04, "UAlbany" read "State Univ" (if I remember correctly) on earlier signs. Jack Thomas Dec. '05
Free I-90 Exit 1N approach sign . Notice the "To U S 20" on the right hand side. Contrary to this sign, you actually want to stay in the rightmost lane that doesn't exit. If you get in the left lane, you may have to do some quick weaving to exit at Exit 1S, which isn't that far beyond Exit 1N. Jack Thomas Dec. '05
Free I-90 at Exit 1N. Jack Thomas Dec. '05
I-87 / Northway approaching Exits 2E-W . I miss centered exit tabs. It's nice to see them pop up once in a while. What happened to "Saratoga" or "Saratoga Springs" on the I-87 pull through sign? Jack Thomas Dec. '05
Approaching I-87. I believe this is in front of Colonie Center. Jack Thomas Dec. '05
Approaching I-87. Interchange of N Y 5 and Wolf Rd. Lots of overhead signs and lights. Jack Thomas Dec. '05
N Y 5 / Wolf Rd Interchange overhead signs . There's no box around "Wolf Rd", nor is it in all capital letters to add to reduced readability. Jack Thomas Dec. '05
I-87 Exit 1E. This overhead sign was placed when the Crossgates Flyover was built. Because it's on-ramp lane is an exit-only lane for 90 East, this sign had to be installed. It may have been made by the company that built the flyover, maybe by contract with the mall, because it doesn't match anything in the area. Note the center tab with square bottom (most tabs in the area are exit-oriented cues) and the extra bold "90" in the shield. Also the "E" in the tab appears to be upside down, compare to the "E" in EAST. Frank Goebel August '05
I-90 Exit 6A. A new overhead gantry for what is now being named Exit 6A on I-90 East. The 6A designation was made just a few weeks ago. Note the "bubble" shield for I-787. I personally would have preferred they numbered the exit "7", and given "7A" to what is now exit 7, given that the latter is only a partial interchange. Also note the new milepost replacing the old; if you look carefully you may notice a decimal point in the tenth's portion. Frank Goebel August '05
U S 4 Shield. US 4 sign at what was once the southern/western terminus of a US 4 / NY 43 duplex (hence the reference marker) that was removed when NY 43 was re-routed to a new spur off nearby exit 8. Note the extended "4", it may be the only one like it in New York. Frank Goebel August '05
U S 4 / N Y 136 Assembly. NY 136 western terminus at US 4. Note also extended numerals on the 136, and the more "broad" curved portion of the shield. Frank Goebel August '05
I-787 overhead gantry.  Overhead gantry at the junction of I-787 with I-90 in Albany. Jack Thomas June '03
I-787, U S 9, N Y 32. Assembly in Albany. Jack Thomas June '03
N Y 74, U S 9, I-87 assembly.  This is an older assembly. I believe N Y 74 was N Y 73 at one point, and that's why the N Y 74 shield is smaller. A little bit of trivia, N Y 474 in Chautauqua County used to be N Y 74 up until the mid 1970s. Earl Cochran March '02
N Y 3 in Bloomingdale, Essex County . U S 3 is actually in New England, there are three U S 3 shields on N Y 3 between Saranac Lake and Bloomingdale. Earl Cochran March '02
N Y 3 in Bloomingdale, Essex County . Another U S 3 shield behind a 1990s era mileage sign. Earl Cochran March '02
I-87, N Y 9N, N Y 73 shields. Some older route shields... they look like they're from the late 70s, maybe a little earlier. There were several installations along Interstate 81 that used black on white cardinal directions and arrows as well, but they've all been replaced. J.P. Wing 1997
Newer I-890 and N Y 7 shields. Notice the slight difference between the state shield here, and the one for NY 5 in the picture above this one.  For that matter, notice the difference between all the shields on this page! Christopher Jordan  
N Y 50 shield. This is a newer install, this style has been popping up in new construction projects since '97 or so. Christopher Jordan  
N Y 29, N Y 9N shields. Here's a really old install from Downtown Saratoga Springs.  I believe this installation has since been replaced.  Notice the "2" and the "9".  Also the "NY" at the very top. Earl Cochran 1998
I-87 shield.  Notice the "New York" on the shield... I'm wondering if this sign has been refurbished. Brian Florence August 2001
N Y 22 and MA 102 shield. NYSDOT's version of a Massachusetts state highway sign. Massachusetts doesn't put "MASS" on them, but it's cool looking nonetheless. Near Austerlitz and the N.Y.-Mass. Line at the New York Thruway/Mass. Pike. J.P. Wing September 2001
Welcome to New York. A newer "Welcome to New York" sign at the N.Y.-Mass. border near MA 102 and NY 22. It was installed after 1995, as noted by the missing "Governor" line at the bottom. J.P. Wing September 2001
Covered bridge at Rexleigh. The Rexleigh covered bridge, just off NY 22 in Washington County. J.P. Wing September 2001
Adirondack Park style sign for Keene . In Adirondack and Catskill Parks, traditional white-on-green signs are replaced with gold-on-brown signs.  Here's an example. J.P. Wing