NYSDOT Region 2 Photo Gallery

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NYSDOT Region 2 includes Fulton, Hamilton, Herkimer, Madison, Montgomery and Oneida Counties. Click on image above to go to any other region.
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Photo Description Photographer Date
thumb Speed Limit 55 Ahead . Installed on Interstate 790 in May 2008, this sign replaces fairly new "Reduced Speed Ahead" signs in an effort to bring signage in compliance with the National Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices with New York State Supplement, which was adopted by New York on 13 September 2007.
J.P. Wing 24 May 2008
Thumb Moose Crossing . This sign is found on NY Route 30 north of Speculator. It's the only Moose Crossing sign left on that stretch of road, they're used to be four or five. Charlie Baran 2007-08-07
Thumb Secondary destination sign for NY Route 291 from NY Route 49 . This sign was installed with the opening of the Utica-Rome Expressway in 2003. It's basically a larger version of the same sign that appeared on Route 49 when it was routed along River Road. Unfortunately, it's the wrong type of sign for freeway or expressway use, despite the use of Series E(m) lettering. It should say "Correctional Facilities/Psychiatric Center NEXT RIGHT". Region 2 has a habit of trying to guess where the motorist wants to go and often points the way to another destination further upstream, though here they're trying to keep truck drivers from using this interchange to get to the Wal*Mart distribution center. I think this sign also demonstrates the need for interchange numbering, as it would be easier to use "Correction Facilities/Psychiatric Center EXIT 23", "Distribution Center EXIT 21". J.P. Wing 2007-08-03
Thumb Modified NY Route 5 confirmatory marker . This NY Route 5 marker apparently started life as a NY Route 5S marker, judging by it's location and proximity to NY Route 5S. This is found on NY Route 5 westbound just outside of St. Johnsville. J.P. Wing 2007-07-29
Thumb Directional Guide Sign, Village of Mohawk, Herkimer County . This sign was installed summer 2006 (if my memory serves correctly). I'm not a big fan of "street" being spelled out but what I'm really concerned about is the arrow pointing the way to Ilion. That violates the NYS MUTCD and the National MUTCD quite a bit. The sign also has that odd green color that many replacement signs in the area have. J.P. Wing 2007-07-29
NH & W Rail Trail Marker . The NH & W rail trail was built in conjunction with the construction of NY Route 840 in 2004 and 2005. NYSDOT installed these trail markers along the route. I think they're a nice touch. J.P. Wing July 1, 2007
Rayhill Memorial Trail trailblazers . These trailblazers were recently installed on roads leading to the Rayhill Memorial Trail trailhead parking area on Clark Mills Rd in the Town of Whitestown. NYSDOT Region 2 does an excellent job of using the brown background on signs for attractions, something that could be addressed elsewhere in the state. J.P. Wing July 1, 2007
Rayhill Memorial Trail Access . The sign in the trailhead parking area. J.P. Wing July 1, 2007
Secondary destination sign with arrow on NY Route 840 . This is a typical installation in NYSDOT Region 2 and unfortunately it's contrary to both the state MUTCD and the National MUTCD on several counts. First of all, there should be only one destination sign with an arrow on a freeway or expressway facility. This sign, at the very least, should say "BOCES / NEXT RIGHT". Secondly, Region 2 does a horrible job of using the correct arrow on their sign assemblies. For example, these two signs point to the same exit ramp but the arrows have different angles. In other places, there are two arrows side by side pointing to the same roadway but one would be an 'advance right turn arrow' while the other on the same assembly would be a 'right turn' arrow. In a third problem area (in several locations) there's a 'left turn' arrow on a sign before a bridge, even though the turn is a considerable distance AFTER the bridge. J.P. Wing July 1, 2007
NY Route 12 reference route marker, except it's not on NY Route 12 nor in county "67". This marker, and several others similarly marked, can be found along NY Route 840. J.P. Wing July 1, 2007
Middle Settlement Rd NORTH and SOUTH guide sign . Found at the end of each exit ramp off of NY Route 840, unfortunately this sign violates the National MUTCD with NYS supplement AND the NYSMUTCD because of the abbreviations of "N" and "S". This sign implies that the address north of this point is "XXX Middle Settlement Road North" when that's not the case at all. A better sign for this location would include destinations such as "Clinton" and "Whitestown". J.P. Wing July 1, 2007
Regional Market - NEXT LEFT . This sign is found on Genesee Street, Reference Route 921C, in the city of Utica. This roadway is formally NY Routes 5, 8 and 12. This sign was installed in either 1992 or 1993 by NYSDOT Region 2. While other regions replace the signs on an entire stretch of road in a large rehab project, I've noticed that Region 2 tends to replace signs on a more sporadic basis, replacing those that need replacement regardless of location. In the early 1990s, Region 2 was GREAT with large, easy to read, mixed-case signage throughout Oneida County, but something happened in 1995 or so and they went all-caps, little sign crazy.
This is the type of sign all of NYSDOT should be using!
J.P. Wing June 27, 2007
NY Route 30 marker with Adirondack Trailblazer . Typical 21st century NY 30 route marker with accompanying bike route and Adirondack Trail trailblazers in the "park" colors. Adam Prince April 16, 2005
"Extra reflective" Signal Ahead sign on ramp from I-790 to Leland Avenue in Utica . Interstate 790 technically ends at the bridge over Genesee Street in the city of Utica, however, the physical end of the roadway is about a quarter of a mile east at Leland Ave. When originally constructed in 1989, the freeway ended at a "T" intersection with a stop sign. A traffic signal was added in the mid 1990s. Motorists have continued to overshoot the intersection, ending up down an embankment dangerously close to the ramps for Thruway Exit 31. NYSDOT Region 2 has gone out of their way to make sure the signals are clearly seen. This sign was installed in January 2007. An identical sign is on the left side of the roadway. Notice the reflective stripes on the sign posts. This treatment is becoming common in this area. J.P. Wing February 2007
Retroreflective Signal Backplates . As part of the "visibility" project listed in the entry above, Region 2 employed a fairly recent interim approval from the FHWA on signal backplates being retroreflective. For more information, you can take a look here. J.P. Wing February 2007
Retroreflective Signal Backplates . The other signal head on the installation at Interstate 790/NY Route 5 and Leland Avenue in the City of Utica. (see above) J.P. Wing February 2007
Herkimer County sign . A typical county line sign. This one is on NY Route 5 EB at the Oneida County/City of Utica line. Interestingly, there's no Oneida County sign heading in the other direction, only a sign for the City of Utica. I thought it would have been replaced during the sign rehab project a couple of years ago. J.P. Wing February 200
W German St/HCCC "Exit Sign" . Found on NY Route 5 west of Herkimer, this sign was installed in the late 1990s. Region 2 loves boxes around their street names. I've ranted enough about that practice before, I won't do it here. J.P. Wing February 2007
Ilion exit sign from NY Route 5 . This sign is for the only controlled access interchange on NY Route 5 in Herkimer County. Notice the serifs on the "I" in Ilion to make the "I" look different than a lowercase "l". They even do that on all-caps signs, but only on the first "I" and not the second. Also, notice the "To 5S" legend being first. This is contrary to the MUTCD, as the signs should first indicate the road they're leading to first, followed by any supplemental information. This is the only area in the state that does it this way. You're not taking the ramp "To 5S" to get to "SOUTH 51", you're taking "SOUTH 51" to get "TO 5S". J.P. Wing February 2007
NY 825 Roundabout Guide Sign . A sign to guide motorists through the roundabout on NY Route 825 in the City of Rome on the former Griffiss AFB. I wonder why they didn't include boxes around these road names, though I'm glad they didn't. J.P. Wing February 2007
Adirondack Trail Scenic Byway Begin and End Signs (two links). At the southern end of the Adirondack Trail Scenic Byway located on the NY 5 / NY 30A duplex in Fonda, N.Y.
J.P.'s note: It's interesting that Ian put "Fonda, N.Y." in his e-mail to me, since locals often refer to the town of 'Fonda, New York'. I don't know why, I've always noticed the suffix of 'New York' on towns in this region when referenced in radio commercials, etc. . This is only recognized as a NY Scenic Byway hence the lack of an "America's Byways" Sign.
Ian Hutchinson September 2006
N Y 8 turns east . N Y 8 turns east as it follows NY 30 in the Adirondacks. Frank Goebel 2006
NY 8 - NY 30 multiplex . But where's the NY 8 shield? Notice the NYSDOT reference marker refers to the lowest numbered route that follows this roadway. That's pretty much standard procedure. Frank Goebel 2006
NY 8 - NY 30 multiplex . Notice the different style route shield from the previous picture above. I think this can be attributed to different contractors doing the work. Either that or different CAD programs. Or different manufacturing companies. Frank Goebel 2006
Old N Y 49 Services Sign . When the Utica-Rome (NY 49) Expressway was opened in late 2003, there was some concern that businesses on Old Route 49, now River Rd., would be affected by the bypass. During construction of the roadway, I had suggested to Region 2 that there would be some benefit to employing the NYS Logo Sign program. Here's a result of that. J.P. Wing April 16, 2006
Pedestrian and Bikeway Bridge over N Y 49 . With the construction of the Utica-Rome Expressway, extra attention was paid to providing access to cyclists and pedestrians. I really like this approach to highway construction. Unfortunately, in late 2002, the first bridge at this location collapsed while concrete was being poured, killing one construction worker and injuring nine others. This is the replacement bridge, which was built in a hanger on the old Griffiss AFB and then lowered into place in 2004. There is a monument at the north end of the bridge honoring those affected by the original bridge collapse. J.P. Wing April 16, 2006
N Y 49 entrance sign . I appreciate the fact that NYSDOT used a large sign indicating the entrance to the Utica-Rome Expressway, it gives drivers a visual clue that they're entering a freeway facility. I don't agree with the order of route shields or the all-caps destination, but you can't have everything. J.P. Wing April 16, 2006
Intersection of River Rd and N Y 291, Town of Marcy . A rather large assembly of signs at the junction of River Rd and Route 291. This latest shape of the route shield has appeared all over the state since the late 1990s. J.P. Wing April 16, 2006
Utica-Rome Expressway . Looking west on N Y 49 over the N Y 291 interchange. This is looking from the pedestrian bridge. J.P. Wing April 16, 2006
Clark Mills Rd interchange advance sign on N Y 840 . Here's another example of Region 2 and their habit of putting boxes around all-caps road names. I still say the box-in-a-box design of this sign makes it much harder to read. Also, there's no indication that the upcoming exit is actually an at grade intersection. <sigh> J.P. Wing March '06
N Y 840 / Judd Rd Expressway overhead signage . An overhead gantry on the Judd Rd Expressway in Oneida County. Notice the addition of the "Judd Rd" designation, as well as the control city of Whitestown. I find the use of Whitestown interesting, because there's no town center or business district called "Whitestown", and in 15 years of living here, I've never heard anyone say that they live in Whitestown. Personally, I would have chosen "Oriskany" instead. J.P. Wing 05.14.2005
N Y 840 / N Y 5A interchange . An overhead gantry while exiting NY 840 westbound for NY 5A. This is approaching the first SPUI (single point urban interchange) interchange in Upstate N.Y. (to the best of my knowledge). I'm interested to see how to locals handle this intersection. J.P. Wing 05.14.2005
N Y 5/8/12 WB/SB, approaching NY 840 . Overhead signage approaching the Judd Rd Expressway and N Y 8 SOUTH expressway. Region 2 began using the "boxed" road names in the late 1990s, seemingly following the lead of Region 3, which did it a couple of years earlier. Region 3 has since stopped the practice, I personally wish Region 2 would follow suit, as I find road names designated in this fashion particularly hard to read. I imagine the same would be true for other drivers. J.P. Wing 05.14.2005
N Y 5/8/12 WB/SB, approaching NY 840 at Lomond Pl . The next overhead gantry as you travel closer to NY 840. Notice the odd centering on the NY 8 and NY 840 signs. I don't know why they were designed that way. J.P. Wing 05.14.2005
NY 5/8/12 EB/NB, just north of Lomond Pl . New signs showing the impending lane drop and the pull through lanes. Notice the designation of "TO I-90" being placed first. This is incorrect, as the primary routes, N Y 5, 8 and 12 in this case, should be listed first, with the interstate designation being placed last, since you're not on I-90. If you were on I-90 and the NY routes followed the same roadway, then it would be placed first, since Interstates get "top" billing, followed by US routes, State Routes and then county routes. But since we're not actually on the Interstate, it should be relegated to last place. J.P. Wing 05.14.2005
End of N Y 840 EAST, continuation of N Y 8 SOUTH . New gantry that replaced an all-text NY 5/8/12 sign that was by itself. Again, more odd centering on the NY 8 sign. The control city of Bridgewater is new, and appropriate here. I find the lack of a Thruway trailblazer odd, especially since there's plenty of room on the sign for it to be included. Most folks refer to the Thruway as the Thruway, not I-90. J.P. Wing 05.14.2005
N Y 8 SOUTH at Campion Rd, New Hartford . Another new gantry. I find the SOUTH designation over the N Y 8 shield interesting, personally I feel it belongs on the left hand side of the shield to provide a visual cue to the driver N Y 8 goes to the left (basically on the main road), and Campion Rd bears to the right J.P. Wing 05.14.2005
French Rd exit off NY 5/8/12 . This sign was installed in the mid 1990s on the right shoulder of the road. With the installation of this new gantry, it was moved up to the backside. See how much better a mixed cased, full size road name looks? I don't think I recall seeing hospitals as primary destinations for exits outside of Utica, at least not Upstate. The next exit, Burrstone Rd, had a destination of "Faxton Hosp", but since that facility has been converted into an urgent care center, the designation has been covered with "greenout". J.P. Wing 05.14.2005
I-790/N Y 5/8/12 pull through . This sign is the only mention of I-790 on this portion of the road. Even though there's four route numbers following this roadway, they apparently have no sense of direction or go nowhere, because nothing is designated as such on this sign. At least the "TO 90" is after the I-790 shield (appropriately), but it should actually be after the NY 12 shield. Personally I would have designed this sign differently: EAST 790/EAST 5/NORTH 8 | NORTH 12/TO 90/TO Thruway Trailblazer | The Adirondacks | Albany-Buffalo. Of course, then the sign would be huge. Earl Cochran 05.14.2005
NY 12/NY 28 assembly, Alder Creek, Oneida County. . This sign points the way "TO NORTH NY 28". Actually, it's pointing to NY 12 NORTH. J.P. Wing 05.14.2005
TO N Y 5/8/12. This sign points the way to the 5/8/12 arterial. The "To" plaque is really unnecessary here, since the ramp leads nowhere else but onto the expressway. Region 2 uses the "To" plaque. A lot. J.P. Wing 05.14.2005
N Y 49 post interchange mileage sign, Oneida County . This sign was installed with the completion of the Utica-Rome Expressway. I had suggested to NYSDOT that the road be signed as more "tourist friendly" back in early 2002, including the installation of some post interchange mileage signs. One of my pet-peeves is mileage signs with only one destination, especially when the route doesn't end in that city or town, so I had suggested Central Square as the next 'major' destination along NY 49. Earl Cochran 08.05.2004
N Y 291 exit sign, Whitesboro / Stittville, Oneida County . This sign looks really big for the information on it. The missing line formerly said "Marcy Business District". That line was covered up about a week after this sign was originally installed. Eastbound travelers are directed to this exit for the Marcy Business District, however, westbound travelers are urged to exit at Edic Rd. This exit comes a little too late. The sign has since been replaced. Earl Cochran 01.24.2004
Temporary signs for Rome, Town of Marcy, Oneida County . Since Mother Nature intervened with winter before the Utica-Rome Expressway could be completed, several signs that were found along old N Y 49 were moved and somewhat modified for the new expressway. Here's one of them. This sign originally was originally installed at the corner of Mohawk St and River Rd / N Y 49. Under the duct tape is "Utica 2 -->" The sign has since been replaced. Earl Cochran 01.24.2004
N Y 365 exit, N Y 49, Oneida County . This sign was installed around 1992. It originally said "Griffiss AFB". Since the closing of the base, all the signs, except the one on the Thruway, were modified to say "Griffiss Park", an abbreviation for the Griffiss Business and Technology Park. Earl Cochran 01.24.2004
N Y 291, Oneida County . Where N Y 49 WB originally became the Utica-Rome Expressway. Now the western end of the Town of Marcy owned River Rd. This is the beginning of the removal of the N Y 291 overpass. Notice the roadbed being built up behind it. Earl Cochran 11.08.2003
N Y 291, Oneida County . Another shot of the same construction project. Earl Cochran 11.08.2003
N Y 49 / N Y 291, Oneida County . Temporary signage for the end of River Rd. Both arrows are actually pointing to the same place. Earl Cochran 11.08.2003
N Y 49 / N Y 291, Oneida County . A shot of the temporary end of River Rd, which is currently following the old N Y 291 NORTH exit from old N Y 49. When completed, River Rd will follow the original roadway (pre expressway) on the south side of this ROW. Earl Cochran 11.08.2003
River Rd, Town of Marcy, Oneida County . When the Utica-Rome Expressway "missing link" was opened in late October '03, the original N Y 49 signs were simply covered over. Others were relocated to temporary locations showing the way to the expressway. Earl Cochran
Cavanaugh Rd / N Y 49, Oneida County . New signage for the N Y 49 EAST entrace from Cavanaugh Rd. Interestingly, signage installed two years ago on old N Y 49 utilized Thruway trailblazers. New signage uses I-90 shields instead. Even more interesting, behind us is an assembly that shows the way to the Thruway. So if you want to go to I-90, use N Y 49 to I-790. If you want to go to the Thruway, use River Rd to I-790. It's a shame that both will take you to the same exact place. I don't know why Region 2 doesn't like to use Thruway trailblazers, but they're slowly removing all references to the Thruway and just using I-90 shields. Very odd. Earl Cochran
Edic Rd exit, N Y 49, Oneida County . New signage for the Edic Rd exit. Notice it's on temporary supports. All the signs were put up rather quickly for the "grand opening" that was held on October 30, 2003. Earl Cochran
Edic Rd, Town of Marcy, Oneida County . The old Edic Rd onramp to NY 49 EAST. The signs are still standing. I believe they'll be removed when all of the 1989-vintage signs in this area are replaced in early 2004. (Update - They were taken down two days after I posted this picture!) J.P. Wing
Edic Rd exit, N Y 49, Oneida County . New sign for the Edic Rd exit from N Y 49 WEST. It's a big sign with lots of information! J.P. Wing
N Y 49 / I-90 / New York State Thruway . Distance sign on the Thruway that's very visible from N Y 49 as well (since N Y 49 straddles the Thruway for about 3 1/2 miles). These three-destination signs were put up summer of 2002. Earl Cochran
N Y 5 / N Y 8 / N Y 12 / future N Y 840, Oneida County . New signage for the intersection of NY 5, 8, 12 and (future) 840. Notice the lack of a Thruway trailblazer, and the "green out" on the middle sign. The NY 840 shield is under that. Also, there's conflicting directions to New Hartford, something the Federal MUTCD frowns upon. And lastly, a boxed "Genesee St" notation. Earl Cochran
River Rd exit off N Y 8 - N Y 12 . I've always thought this sign was a little odd because it doesn't have any arrows on it at all. Plus, it has a period after "Rd". The MUTCD calls for no punctuation on road names, but they do appear from time to time. Earl Cochran June '03
N Y 8 NORTH exit off N Y 12 . Apparently the road to nowhere. A brand new sign as of April 2003, this sign is all done in FHWA Series "D" alphabet. (Normally, expressway signage is done in Series "E" or Series "E" Modified). Earl Cochran June '03
U S 12. An Oneida County DPW install for N Y 12 along Trenton Rd, which is old N Y 12. Earl Cochran June '03
Oneida County, Town of Bridgewater . Taken on U S 20, these are replacement signs made of wood. Maybe late 80s or early 90s. Earl Cochran March '03
Herkimer County, Town of Winfield . Taken on U S 20, the Herkimer County sign is metal, the Town of Winfield sign is wood. Earl Cochran March '03
U S 20, Herkimer County . A late 60s / early 70s county line sign. The signs with this typeface are disappearing quickly! Earl Cochran March '03
N Y 28B Reference Marker . Just north of NY 365 (formerly NY 287). NY 28B no longer exists - this road is now a NYSDOT "reference route" and does not bear a touring number. J.P. Wing July 2000
Old N Y 365A shield . Here's an old NY 365A shield just inside the western border of the City of Oneida. The "WEST" was originally on top. Some thoughtful person added it to the bottom after it had fallen down. J.P. Wing 2000
I-790 and N Y 5 shields . These were installed in 1989 when this portion of the Utica-Rome Expressway was completed. Technically, it's on a two-lane ramp that leads down to the expressway, but in actuality, it's on the expressway. You can just barely make out the "SOOO" tenth-mile marker underneath the 790 shield. By the way, this is one of maybe six Interstate 790 shields that have ever been installed. There are NONE installed on I-790 itself! J.P. Wing 1998
Jay K Corners in New Hartford . This is in New Hartford, at the intersection of all these routes. It's known as "Jay K Corners" (it's next to a builder's supply store called Jay K). The intersection is scheduled to be rebuilt soon. Notice the big green signs in the background. They're not on an expressway, just a four lane road. J.P. Wing
N Y 5S, Herkimer County . An odd installation in Herkimer County, but accurate I guess. N Y 5S is an expressway at this point. J.P. Wing 1998
Oneida County county route destination sign . This is an Oneida County DPW install outside of Verona. These strip signs are at the corner of most county route intersections (and some county route and state route intersections). Neat thing about this, N Y 234 hasn't existed in quite a while, it's now N Y 31. J.P. Wing
State Speed Limit 55 . A typical speed limit sign in New York. New York has a different way of posting speed limits than most states, and "STATE" could be replaced with "TOWN", "VILLAGE", "AREA", "CITY" or any other jurisdiction. They best way to understand this sign is to read it like this: "State Speed Limit 55 unless otherwise posted" J.P. Wing
Utica-Rome Expressway Exit for N Y 291 . Here's a sign from N Y 49, the Utica-Rome Expressway. I believe it was installed around 1991. The sign at the actual exit includes a third destination, "Marcy Business District", which is indicated on a secondary destination sign. When exit numbers aren't used the word "EXIT" is added to the distance on the bottom line. J.P. Wing
Utica-Rome Expressway gantry . This is looking down the Utica-Rome Expressway, looking west from where I-790, NY 5, NY 8 and NY 12 leave N Y 49. The sign on the very right is newer than the others, as evidenced by the use of reflective sheeting including the letters instead of button-copy. I don't know why it was replaced, but it was done in 1991 or 1992. This gantry was installed in 1989. Earl Cochran
N Y 8 - N Y 12 Exit Sign . Here's a really old exit sign from the *old* N Y 5 expressway, which is now River Rd. I don't believe this portion of road is even maintained by NYSDOT anymore. But somehow, this sign survived the transition. It's a typical mid 1960s sign. J.P. Wing
N Y 49 exit for N Y 69 and N Y 233 . A BGS (big green sign) on the Utica-Rome Expressway near Rome. This sign was installed in 1992, replacing the original installation, button-copy sign from the late 70s. J.P. Wing
N Y 8 - N Y 12 successive exits sign . This sign is on NY 8-NY 12 south just north of Utica. As you can see, there are three exits in the span of 1/2 mile, so this was probably the best way to sign it. Notice the small numbers on the NY route shields. Half the signs from this contract have the smaller numbers, and the other half have the regular numbers like in the sign above. I have no idea why. I've always thought the use of "AND" was unneccessary. J.P. Wing
"Drivers to Mohawk" truck warning sign . This sign is found on NY 28 south of Mohawk. It's a pretty steep hill into Mohawk, and non-passenger vehicles are required to enter a parking area and review this sign before continuing. J.P. Wing
N Y 8 and N Y 12 entrance ramp signs . An overhead gantry that was installed in 1989. These signs are button copy. Just north of Utica in the Town of Deerfield, at the traffic circle/entrance to NY 8 and NY 12 NORTH. J.P. Wing August 2001
Vintage "super 2" signage . An old sign along NY 8. This sign is from the original construction of this stretch of NY 8 in the late 60s or early 70s. This is essentially a "super 2" type of road that connects the NY 8/NY 12 expressway with the old alignment of NY 8 (where it rejoins about 5 miles north of Utica). Notice the old style services sign as well. J.P. Wing August 2001
N Y 8 and N Y 12 overhead signage . I've always found this assembly odd. The River Rd. sign doesn't have any arrows on it whatsoever. The font on the 5 and 49 shields is a little odd. There is no mention of the Thruway at all, and there's no control cities for I-790/NY 5/To I-90. J.P. Wing August 2001
I-790 / N Y 5 / N Y 8 / N Y 12 entrance signs . There are two of these signs, one on an overhead gantry on I-790/NY 5/NY 8/NY 12 NORTH and one on the on-ramp from NY 5S WEST to the I-790 et. al. expressway. It was installed in the late 80s when this whole area was reconfigured. It always bugged me that there are NO control cities nor any mention of "Thruway", just an I-90 shield. Obviously someone thought better of that, as there are a lot of oversized Thruway trailblazers installed on separate posts marking the way. J.P. Wing July 2001
N Y 5S distance sign . Mileage sign along NY 5S in Herkimer County. If memory serves correctly, this sign was installed summer 1994, replacing a button copy sign from the 60s. Notice the "I" in Ilion. Plus, it's layout is a little funky with things being centered like that. Not common elsewhere in the state, quite a few examples of it here. I guess there an artistic sign designer in Region 2 or something. J.P. Wing September 2001
N Y 5S and I-90 shields, Village of Canajoharie . A very nice old I-90 shield and a mid-80s replacement NY 5S shield in the Village of Canajoharie in Montgomery County. The arrow is the wrong type, but what the heck, it's on a side street. J.P. Wing September 2001
N Y 5S between Thruway exits 27 and 28 . Notice the lack of "TO" signs over the I-90 shield and Thruway trailblazer. This assembly was modified in the late 80s when the Thruway bridge collapsed, and NY 5S was employed as the Thruway for a while before the detour could be built. These assemblies are like this only between Fultonville and Amsterdam on NY 5S. This assembly has since been replaced. J.P. Wing September 2001
To N Y 30 vintage signage . An older NY 30 shield in Amsterdam, along what used to be NY 5S. J.P. Wing September 2001
Vintage Signage in Hamilton . A picture of a very old mileage sign in Downtown Hamilton. Probably installed in the 30s or 40s. Doug Kerr June 2001