NYSDOT Region 3 Photo Gallery

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NYSDOT Region 3 includes Cayuga, Cortland, Onondaga, Oswego, Seneca and Tompkins Counties. Click on image above to go to any other region.
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Photo Description Photographer Date
NY 34 NY Route 13 interchange with NY 34 Route 34 NORTH, Tompkins County . Here is where NY 34 leaves NY 13 and heads towards Auburn. It's the first interchange encountered along the NY Route 13 freeway outside of Ithaca. Charlie Baran January 2008
Cayuga Height Rd NY Route 13 interchange with Cayuga Heights Rd., Tompkins County . The guide signs for Cayuga Heights Rd. Technically there shouldn't be a period after the "Rd". Previous incarnations of this sign read differently, if I remember correctly they pointed the way to "Cayuga Heights" and "Lansing". Charlie Baran January 2008
NY 13-Triphammer Rd NY Route 13 interchange with N. Triphammer Rd., Tompkins County. There is a short portion of freeway north of Ithaca in Tompkins County. The northern most interchange is for N. Triphammer Rd / Pyramid Mall. I find the guide signs for this interchange interesting, because guide signs usually don't point the way to a commercial venture and "N. Triphammer Rd" is on the second line instead of the first line. Charlie Baran January 2008
Interchange Sequence Sign on Interstate 81, Town of Salina, Onondaga County . This sign was installed a couple of years ago when NYSDOT removed many of the overhead sign structures for the listed interchanges due to structural integrity issues. The sign originally had an Interstate 90 marker and the word "Thruway", matching the ground mounted signs approaching the Thruway. When the new overhead signs were installed in June 2007 (see links immediately following), NYSDOT Region 3 did the smart thing and modified the sign to match the new signs, using the Thruway trailblazer instead of the word "Thruway". NYSDOT took a similar approach in 2005 when they kept an existing overhead sign on I-81 northbound, again pasting a Thruway marker over the word "Thruway" to keep the look of the message consistent throughout the sign sequence, thus avoiding potential motorist confusion. This is just another reason that I find Region 3's signing practices to be the standard I compare the rest of The Empire State to. J.P. Wing 2007-06-29
Interstate 690 Exit 7 Overhead Installation . Region 3, actually the bid winner for the project in Region 3, has been busy replacing many overhead sign installations in the Syracuse area. Here's a recently installed overhead sign assembly on I-690 WB for Exit 7. Notice the grouping of the "90" and Thruway trailblazer under the word "To". This totally rocks, as I don't feel it's necessary to clutter a sign up with multiple "To" or cardinal direction notations for common route markers. Earl Cochran 2007-06-09
I-81 SB Exit 29 overhead installation . Another new assembly recently installed in Region 3, notice the "bubble" markers for I-481. I'm not sure if the engineer designing the sign at Region 3 is stretching a two-digit marker to make a three-digit marker or if it's the sign manufacturer, in this case, Elderlee . Earl Cochran 2007-06-09
I-81 SB Exit 28 patch of existing sign . "Taft Rd" was patched over the same legend in all capital letters surrounded by a box. With other signs for the same sequence being replaced, Region 3 has been patching existing signs to meet National MUTCD with NYS Supplement standards AND maintaining consistency with the message given to the motorist. I applaud their efforts in this area. Earl Cochran 2007-06-09
I-81 SB Exit 28 overhead installation at the gore . The next sign installation in the sequence as mentioned in the entry above. This is the only new installation for this interchange. Earl Cochran 2007-06-09
I-81 SB Exit 25A overhead installation . All of the overhead sign structures were replaced on this rehab project for Exit 25A, the original structures were from the rebuilding of Interstate 81 in this area in the early 1980s. The last generation of signs said "Exit 25A - (90) Thruway", these signs read differently, most likely due to a conversation I had several years ago with Region 3 on the inclusion of Albany-Buffalo on guide signs for this portion of the Thruway. They've signed the Thruway in a similar manner on Interstate 481 and 690. Earl Cochran 2007-06-09
I-81 SB Exit 25A overhead installation at gore . Here's the new installation at the beginning of the ramp. Earl Cochran 2007-06-09
To I-690/I-81/Thruway in Solvay. This assembly is to provide motorists leaving the State Fairgrounds and alternate route to get back to I-690 and find their way to Interstate 81 and/or the Thruway. Unfortunately, once you follow this assembly up onto NY Route 695, there are no signs guiding the motorist to Interstate 81, though I-690 and the Thruway are mentioned further upstream. These I-81 shields have been popping up all over Region 3 (as well as similarly styled I-90 signs), someone is getting happy with FHWA Series C. J.P. Wing 2007-03-28
New U S 104 shield. The City of Oswego recently put up a bunch of new route markers throughout the city. Unfortunately, they used the US route shield for all the NY routes they referenced. J.P. Wing July 2006
U S 48 and U S 481 shield . More of the US shields for NY routes. J.P. Wing July 2006
N Y 3 North and West. Near Phoenix. NY 3 changes from an East to North, this unusual display appears. There is no similar assembly nearer Watertown where NY 3 becomes easterly again. The signs just change direction. Frank Goebel August 2005
Onondaga C R 57 / Thruway Overhead . A newly installed sign at the on Onondaga C R 57 at Thruway Exit 38. This sign mistakenly harkens back to the days when this roadway was N Y 57. J.P. Wing 2005-01-01
Interstate 81, Mile 128, Oswego County . Region 3 has debuted a new style milemarker in Oswego County. Here's a sample. J.P. Wing 2005-05-14
Interstate 81, Exit 34, Oswego County . I noticed a couple of years ago when the signs were replaced through here that they were about 3/4 of the size of their older counterparts. I mentioned this to Region 3 in an e-mail. The smaller signs were all recently replaced. Here's a new exit 'gore' sign. Check out the "3". That's a little different, but the signs look good. J.P. Wing 2005-05-14
N Y 104, just west of Maple View, Oswego County . A relatively new NY 104 shield, probably installed around '03 or so. Very odd numbers. J.P. Wing 2005-05-14
N Y 3 and N Y 104, Hannibal, Oswego County . Apparently there's been a lot of accidents at this intersection, hence the double red lights, that also have strobe lights installed in them. Earl Cochran 2005-05-14
I-481 Exit 6 - I-90, Albany-Buffalo . A newly installed sign as part of a large sign rehabilitation in December 2004. Prior to this, Thruway exits in the Syracuse were simply designated as "I-90 Thruway". I think this format is better. Earl Cochran 2004-12-04
I-81, Towns of Albion and Parish, Oswego County . I-81 goes through three towns in approximately 1/4 mile. Heading southbound, we start in the Town of Richland, make a brief trip into the Town of Mexio, enter the Town of Albion very briefly then end up in the Town of Parish. Here's the signage for Albion and Parish. Earl Cochran 2004-12-04
Rest Area advance sign, Oswego County . I think this is the only Rest Area sign I've seen in upstate N.Y. with this particular format. I don't know why it's different from others, but I find it cool. Earl Cochran 2004-12-04
Vintage distance sign, Interstate 81, Town of Richland, Oswego County .  Sometime in the early 1990s, almost all of the button copy signs along Interstate 81 in Oswego County were replaced.  For some reason, this sign was skipped.  One of the very few button copy signs left on I-81 in New York.  I'm guessing this was installed in 1973 or 1974. Earl Cochran 2004-01-24
Vintage Interstate 81 shield, Town of Richland, Oswego County .  This sign appeared a couple of years ago.  A testimony to NYSDOT Region 3's tradition of recycling old signs.  Notice the "NEW YORK".  You don't see that too often, unfortunately.  You can find this northbound just north of Exit 36. Earl Cochran 2004-01-24
N Y 13 - N Y 104 - I-81 assembly, Town of Williamstown, Oswego County .  Signage at the junction of N Y 13 and N Y 104.  For some reason, Region 3 in Oswego County favors "numerical order" with state route shields over directional cues. Personally, I would have put the N Y 104 shield with arrow first, since it is a left turn. Earl Cochran 2004-01-24
N Y 297, Solvay, Onondaga County .  An older N Y 297 and "To" I-690 assembly with other signs in the background. Earl Cochran April 2003
N Y 695 tenth-mile marker.  NYSDOT Region 3 has recently installed their version of the new tenth-mile markers on NY 5 and NY 695.  They're quite different from the new tenth-mile markers signs used elsewhere in the state, I don't know why each region uses a different style.
Earl Cochran April 2003
N Y 90 and N Y 34B shields with well preserved vintage directional sign. J.P. Wing October 2000
Vintage N Y 3 sign.  An old NY 3 shield that was installed when the new alignment of NY 3 was built in the early 60s. This is found on the western end of Oswego Co. Rt. 3. J.P. Wing 2000
I-481 shield with "New York" designation . A replacement installation on I-481.  This portion of road opened up in Fall 1986, and never originally had signs with "New York" in the shield.  In fact, I don't think NYSDOT has put "New York" on Interstate shields in about 20 years.  Region 3 has a habit of recycling older signs, which is a good practice. J.P. Wing 1998
U S 11 Distance Sign, Oswego County . This sign is on U S 11, just south of Pulaski.  At one time, NYSDOT used "NO" instead of "N" as an abbreviation for north.  Newer signs just say "N". Other signs that had this were on NY 481, but they've been replaced. J.P. Wing  
N Y 690 Freeway Ends, Onondaga County . This is on NY 690 north of Baldwinsville.  It's the only instance of "Freeway" I've ever seen in Upstate New York.  Hardly anyone uses "Freeway", but uses "Expressway" instead, and usually signage reflects that. J.P. Wing  
Vintage Speed Limit 65 . This speed limit sign is on I-481 northbound, just north of Exit 2.  In 2001, I-481 had it's speed limit raised to 65, and true to their style, Region 3 recycled a couple of old speed limit signs when they posted the new limit.  This sign is from around 1972, and was probably never used due to the National Mandatory Speed Limit of 55 that was mandated in the 70s due to the energy crunch.  Bravo to NYSDOT for keeping these signs around and using them over again! J.P. Wing  
Southern Junction I-481 and I-81 .  This is heading south on Interstate 481, just as your coming to the end at Interstate 81 on the south side of Syracuse.  Notice the directional cues with "North" and "South" on the I-81 shields.  That's becoming very common throughout Upstate N.Y. J.P. Wing  
I-81 Exit 31 (old signage). This sign was located on Interstate 81 until about 1996.  From what I can remember, NYSDOT did a huge sign rehabilitation on I-81, at least in region 3, around 1973 or 1974 (I was only 5 or 6, so my memory is a little foggy), and this was the last exit sign left on I-81 from that rehabilitation.  The "To U S 11" was added later, I think in '76 or '77, as it was added to Exit 35 at the same time. J.P. Wing  
Downtown Syracuse U S 11 / N Y 5 intersection . A sign assembly in Syracuse near the former Greyhound station.  It's from the early 80s.  They love to slap a Thruway trailblazer wherever they can.  J.C. Pantola August 2001
N Y 3 / N Y 104 in Mexico, Oswego County . For some strange reason, this assembly (and another similar one around the corner) have lived on for many years, with the shields and directions being replaced, but the green background remaining.  As a kid, I remember the same signs in the early 70s with US 104 shields and older style NY 3 shields.  Doug Kerr July 2001
U S 104 shields. This assembly has been featured on other road geek sites, and I couldn't be left out!  Obviously, this is at the end of NY 48 where it intersects with NY 104.  Until about four years ago, there were a ton of US 104 shields along NY 104, particularly in Cayuga and Oswego Counties.  However, they've all been replaced with NY 104 shields for the most part.  At the same time, the TMMs along the eastern end of NY 104 (from I-81 to NY 13) were changed to "104" as well.  That portion of roadway was originally NY 126, as US 104 ended at US 11, and then later on at I-81.  When US 104 was changed to NY 104, the designation was routed all the way to NY 13 near Williamstown. J.P. Wing May 2001
Vintage Speed Limit sign. This sign was found along Genesee Street in the Town of Camillus outside of Syracuse.  Genesee Street was formerly NY 5, and this sign was installed by NYSDOT during that era.  The "35" on the bottom looks like an Onondaga DPW style add on, I don't know what speed limit is underneath.  There's about six of these signs along the stretch between the Village of Camillus and Kasson Road. J.P. Wing May 2001
N Y 481 Exit 11 sign. One of my favorite button-copy signs left. This was installed in 1989 on NY 481. For some reason, this era of NYSDOT signage reminds me of the signage I saw on a trip to Arizona in the spring of 2001. J.P. Wing November 2001
N Y 298 shield. An older NY 298 sign that was installed in the early 1980s. Notice the "9" being bigger than the other two numbers. There used to be quite a few of these, there's only a few that still remain. This one is on the corner of Malloy and TownLine Roads in Onondaga County, and is actually pointing the way to Truck Rt. NY 298. Earl Cochran December 2001
U S 11, N Y 13, N Y 41, N Y 222 vintage signage . A nice set of older shields in Downtown Cortland. John Krakoff November 2001
N Y 12, N Y 222 vintage signage. Another set of the older shields, with the NY on the 13 shields instead of the 222. There was a shield identical to this NY 13 shield in Pulaski until a couple of years ago. John Krakoff November 2001