NYSDOT Region 4 Photo Gallery

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NYSDOT Region 4 includes Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, Wyoming, Wayne. Click on image above to go to any other region.
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Photo Description Photographer Date
All Trucks US Route 20A - Trucks Must Exit . This was taken on Route 20A westbound heading from the Town of Perry Center to the Village of Warsaw, in Wyoming County. This series of signs are the only ones I've ever seen with white characters on a red background. This image is the 1st in a series leading to a pull off where vehicles over 9 tons must pull off then u-turn. Further down there is a second pull off where commercial-type vehicles under 9 tons must exit then read another sign of how to approach the Village of Warsaw. (The [reference marker] on this sign is 20A * 4602 * 1220) Jeremy Lefort January 2008
2nd US Route 20A - Trucks Must Exit . Second sign in the series. (Editor's Note: I find it very interesting that these signs are white or red instead of black on white. Technically these are regulation signs, however, I don't believe this type of signage is addressed anywhere in the NYSMUTCD. Similar signs in Region 2 are black on white, which I believe is correct. Region 4 deviates quite a bit from standard signing practices in a lot of areas, this being one example. -J.P.) Jeremy Lefort January 2008
Must ExitUS Route 20A - Trucks Must Exit. Third sign, arrow to the pull off where vehicles over 9 tons must exit, then u-turn. ([reference marker]= 20A * 4602 * 1208) Jeremy Lefort January 2008
OverheadUS Route 20A - Trucks, Buses and Cars with Trailers Must Exit. This sign is after the 9 ton pull off/u-turn. This overhead sign is unique, as it is probably the only overhead sign in the county. From my experience I haven't seen many overhead signs in rural areas, off the interstates. (Editor's Note: I don't know if I've ever seen a white-on-red overhead sign like this before. -J.P.) Jeremy Lefort January 2008
OverheadUS Route 20A - Trucks, Buses and Cars with Trailers. This overhead sign is for the 2nd pull off for vehicles under 9 tons. Jeremy Lefort January 2008
NY 78NY Routes 78 and 98 in opposite directions . "This sign I remember from my childhood. I remember thinking "how can we be going both north and south?" The odd part is at this point the road is actually going west! This was taken in the Town of Java Center in Wyoming County at the intersection of Route 78, Route 98, and Pee Dee Road." Jeremy Lefort January 2008
Roundabout Auxiliary Arrows . Found on NY Route 5, this is a new design of arrow sign to indicate traffic guidance around a roundabout in the Village of Caledonia. J.P. Wing January 2007
NY 14A and NY 245 markers . Two different style NY route markers on the same installation. This is found just southwest of Geneva. J.P. Wing January 2007
N Y 386, Rochester Technology Park . Rochester Technology Park decided to put up their own signs. Justin Petrosek February 2005
N Y 386, Rochester Technology Park . These signs are really big and ugly. Justin Petrosek February 2005
Les Harrison Drive and Elmgrove Rd, Rochester Technology Park . Where they didn't take down existing signs, they duplicated them. Justin Petrosek February 2005
Rochester Technology Park . More really big signs. Justin Petrosek February 2005
Rochester Technology Park . I wonder why they felt the need to replace the existing signs with their own? Justin Petrosek February 2005
Jct N Y 33, Rochester Technology Park . I've seen numerous variations of the New York route shield, but not this one before. Justin Petrosek February 2005
I-390 Truck Traffic To Buffalo . This sign discourages trucks from using N Y 63. Earl Cochran November 2004
I-390 Exit 8 guide sign.  This sign now features a new U S 20A shield.  It used to have a NY 20A on it (which was incorrect). Earl Cochran April '03
I-390 Dansville/Rte. 17/Corning mileage sign .  A designation sign that features the use of "Rte. 17" instead of the traditional "N Y 17" Earl Cochran April '03
LOSP N Y 272 Exit.  Traditional button-copy, all-text signage for Morton on the Lake Ontario State Parkway. Earl Cochran April '03
LOSP N Y 237 Exit.  Another all-text sign from the same era, which includes a side arrow.  For some reason I though older signs like this always had the arrow on the bottom, but apparently I was wrong. Earl Cochran April '03
LOSP N Y 98 Exit.  An interesting all-text sign in that it has periods in the "N.Y." designation.  Very, very rare.  It's the only sign for this exit that uses periods like this. Notice the NYSDOT reference marker AND Region 4's version of the new tenth-mile marker. Earl Cochran April '03
Entrance to LOSP.  Entrance to the Lake Ontario State Parkway from Lakeside Beach State Park.  I believe this sign is original to the expressway.  All of it is button copy except the green-on-white "Lake Ontario State" portion. Earl Cochran April '03
N Y 104 Region 4 Milepost . Here's a milepost from Region 4 in the Rochester area.  Only this area has these type.  I-84 has similar mileposts, since it's maintained by the New York Thruway Authority. Region 1 uses a different milepost, with "MILE" followed by the mile and then the tenth in green on white. J.P. Wing  
N Y 98 Destination sign, Arcade .  An old assembly in Arcade.  I believe these signs are from the 60s.  This style font has not been used in a long time. J.P. Wing