NYSDOT Region 5 Photo Gallery

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NYSDOT Region 5 includes Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie and Niagara Counties. Click on image above to go to any other region.
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Description Photographer Date
(New 2007-06-12) Interstate 86 Exit 27. Advance guide sign for the Hinsdale interchange on Interstate 86. The previous installation had the bottom sign in black-on-yellow, I'm happy it was corrected on the latest rehab project. J.P. Wing October 2006
(New 2007-06-12) Welcome To New York. A state border sign as displayed on US Route 219 southbound just north of Bradford, Pennsylvania. J.P. Wing October 2006
US 20A interchange sign on US Route 219. The all-text versions of these signs are very rare, though they are in full compliance with the NYS MUTCD and the National MUTCD. As a roadgeek, I find them quite cool. This sign is fairly new. J.P. Wing January 2007
Detour to NY 16 . Apparently, you need to follow NY 16 NORTH to get to the detour for NY 16 NORTH. Jason L. Bennett May 2006
Welcome To New York. At the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls. Interesting thing about this sign, it features "George Pataki" as Governor. When Pataki became Governor, he stated that he did not want his name on signage, because it would cost too much to replace it when he left office. Emily Hastings June '03
Welcome To New York . N Y 426 near Findley Lake. Earl Cochran June '03
Interstate 190 shield. In Niagara Falls. Emily Hastings June '03
U S 20 mileage sign, Chautauqua County . A mid-90's era destination sign on U S 20. Notice the state suffix for "Erie", you only see this commonly used in Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties. Earl Cochran March'03
I-86 Exit 23, U S 219. This is from Exit 23 on Interstate 86. I like this sign because it has the "Pa" for Bradford. Region 5 has a habit of putting "Pa" on the out-of-state destinations, something I think should be done throughout the state. Maybe except for something like "Boston". J.P. Wing December 1999
N Y 75, To I-90, Thruway Trailblazer . A typical NYSDOT replacement shield (NY 75) and an older I-90 shield. I wonder what's under the "90"? John Krakoff November 2001
Village of Portville. Great photo of an old sign. This used to be a typical way of signing village boundaries and speed limits. You don't seem them much anymore. John Krakoff August 2001