NYSDOT Region 8 Photo Gallery

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NYSDOT Region 8 includes Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Ulster and Westchester Counties.
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Photo Description Photographer Date
Thruway overhead Interstate 87 Overhead Sign.. Overhead NYSDOT installed sign on the New York State Thruway. The inverted "T" shape is undoubtedly designed to save on cost, there have been similar signs spotted in Region 1 in the Albany area. From the contributor: Funky Shaped Sign On I-87 in Nyack; description: To cut down on the use of sign metal, NYSDOT installs this funky shaped upside down "T" signs. There are a number of these signs throughout the state and you don't see these outside of New York. Ian Ligget August 2008
NY 22 text Advance guide sign for NY Route 22 on the Cross County Pkwy in Mount Vernon, Westchester County . An all text guide sign that curiously has the directionally cued exit number. NYSDOT hasn't used all text legend in years, these signs are becoming very rare. Charlie Baran January 2008
Interstate 84 Exit 5A Guide Panel. The new guide panels for newly built Exit 5A, NY 747 leading to Stewart International Airport. I like the attempts of a boxed "International Blvd" to bring it into National MUTCD compliance, but the box is still not compliant. At least the lettering is. I find it odd that the message isn't consistent, "Stewart Airport", "Stewart Int'l Airport" and "(airport symbol) Stewart". I believe the message should be consistent on all guide panels. John Krakoff 2007-11-23
NY 747 overhead guide panels. Found on the off-ramp for Interstate 84 Exit 5A. I find it odd that the signs indicate that both NY Route 747 NORTH and SOUTH go off to the left (as indicated by the placement of the cardinal directions). John Krakoff 2007-11-23
NY 747 overhead guide panels. Leading the way to Stewart International Airport John Krakoff 2007-11-23
I-84 WB Exit 20 Advance Sign. A pair of these signs is found on Interstate 84, one on each side of the road. The same treatment is given to the 1 mile advance panels as well. J.P. Wing 2007-06-08
I-84 WB Exit 17 Advance Sign. This sign stands from a late 1980s sign rehab project, one of the few remaining button copy signs left on I-84 in New York State. I don't know why the Thruway Authority skipped this when they were replacing signs in this area last year, but I'm glad they did because I think they do a fairly lousy job at sign design along I-84. J.P. Wing 2007-06-08
I-84 WB Exit 16 Advance Sign. A Thruway Authority installed sign for the Taconic Parkway interchange. J.P. Wing 2007-06-08
I-84 WB Exit 16 overhead installation . And here's the NYSDOT installed overhead installation at the same installation. As of September 13, 2007, the "Taconic State Parkway" in caps and a box will run contrary to the National MUTCD with State Supplement guidelines and have to be patched with mixed case Series E(M) lettering. Notice the Thruway installed advance sign (above) says "New York", while this sign says "New York City". The signs for Exit 20 say "To New York City". I wish they'd make up their mind on a consistent legend to use. J.P. Wing 2007-06-08
"Region" sign for upcoming Beacon exits . I've always felt that the Thruway Authority never liked the fact that they had to maintain Interstate 84 and treated it somewhat like a bastard stepchild. When NYSDOT replaced the signs on Interstate 84 in the late 1980s, the panels were pretty close to picture perfect as far as specs go. The latest sign replacement project by the Thruway Authority looks like someone had no idea what they were doing with GuidSIGN. Actually, I think the adoption of GuidSIGN has had a detrimental effect on sign design throughout The Empire State. J.P. Wing 2007-06-08
I-84 WB Exit 4W guide sign. Apparently the "W" in Exit 4W is enough of a clue to the motorist that this ramp leads to NY 17 WEST. NYSDOT didn't agree, as they included WEST on the overhead panels upstream. J.P. Wing 2007-06-08
I-84 WB sign showing truck weight restrictions . A sign leftover from the original NYSDOT maintenance days. This is found approaching the Port Jervis area. J.P. Wing 2007-06-08
I-84 WB Parking Area advance panel . The parking area advance panel on Interstate 84 around Exit 2. Another case where a standardized CAD file should be stored somewhere instead of designing from scratch, as this has a whole lot of blue with little letters going on. J.P. Wing 2007-06-08
I-84 Post Interchange Mileage Sign . The last post-interchange mileage sign found WB in New York on Interstate 84. This new sign was installed by the Thruway Authority using the newer Clearview lettering. I don't know what's going on with the left justification of the mileage, that runs contrary the Standard Highway Signs book. J.P. Wing 2007-06-08
Reference Route 984J. NYSDOT reference route 984J trumps the few that have standard NYS touring route markers when they shouldn't and gets "Interstate" status. Charlie Baran 2007-04-01
Reference Route 984J. NYSDOT reference route 984J trumps the few that have standard NYS touring route markers when they shouldn't and gets "Interstate" status. Charlie Baran 2007-04-01
US Route 44, NY Route 55 and Thruway Trailblazer . A typical assembly found in Kerhonkson. Adam Prince October 29, 2006
NY Route 55 Marker. Found near Kerhonkson. Whoops! Notice the NY Route 209 shields in the background, should be US Route 209. Adam Prince October 29, 2006
NY Route 17 three-line post-interchange mileage sign . Three line mileage sign on NY Route 17 westbound about a mile west of the Thruway. There are actually several three line mileage signs between the Thruway and Binghamton along NY Route 17, both westbound and eastbound, along with the more common two line signs. Jon Hirschkind 2007
Future Interstate 86 sign . Future I-86 sign on westbound NY Route 17 in Monroe. Jon Hirschkind 2007
NY Route 17 Exit 122 approach sign . This sign went up about two weeks ago for exit 122 on NY Route 17 heading westbound, replacing a perfectly good and easier to read sign. Webmaster's note: Exhibit number 2 on why "boxes" are no longer allowed around street and road names on freeway signs. It's a shame that Region 8 can't look ahead at the NYSDOT state supplement to the National MUTCD going into effect in September '07, since the boxes are only optional by current standards. Jon Hirschkind 2007
Leaving Thruway System . This sign is on the entrance ramp to NY Route 17 WEST from NY Route 32. Jon Hirschkind 2007
Woodbury Outlets Blvd "et al" sign . This signage is on the beginning of westbound NY Route 17 (exit 131) as you exit the Thruway. Again another cluttered sign that has a lot of info to absorb in a very short period of time. Jon Hirschkind 2007
Taconic Mile 72 milemarker . First "even" mile marker on the Taconic as you head south. Each NYSDOT region seems to be doing their own thing when it comes to the new enhanced reference location markers. Frank Goebel 2006
Taconic Mile 72.5 milemarker . And here's a tenth mile marker on the Taconic. Again, each NYSDOT region seems to be doing their own thing with these too. Frank Goebel 2006
Taconic reference marker . A typical NYSDOT reference marker found along the Taconic State Parkway. The NYSDOT reference marker system was implemented in the early 1970s. It's one of the most, if not these most, thorough highway inventory system in the country. Frank Goebel 2006
N Y 9W Shield in Newburgh . "This sign is located on 9W just north of I-84. Again another example of a NY shield instead of a US shield. Oops." Jon Hirschkind 2006
N Y 17 (Future I-86) mile marker . "This photo shows both the new mile markers that were installed on NY17 from Harriman to the Sullivan county line about 3 or 4 years ago in preparation for I-86 and a mileage sign for Chester and New York City. These mile marker signs are also on the Taconic, Sprain and Bronx River Pkwys in Westchester. The mileage sign centers the control cities with the mileage, which can be hard to read as opposed to having the mileage right-justified and the control cities left-justified." Jon Hirschkind 2006
N Y 17M shield. "This is a sign that was installed when the NYSDOT redesigned exit 126 on NY17. It looks different than the standard NYS signs as shown in the next photo. Jon Hirschkind 2006
Older N Y 17M shield. "Example of a typical state sign - photo also taken in Chester." Jon Hirschkind 2006
N Y 17M - 94 assembly in Chester . "New sign assembly installed in the summer of 2004 after exit 126 on NY17 was redesigned. One interesting note is that NY94 is indicated as north and south, when it should be east and west. The NY94 signs on NY94 at this intersection also indicate north/south instead of east/west. NY94 runs from the NJ border in Warwick to New Windsor near Newburgh and in all the other sections of NY94 it is correctly signed as east/west. Also the reference markers indicate it is east-west NOT north-south." Jon Hirschkind 2006
Orange C R 5 . "This a sign for county rte. 5 on 17M in Monroe. I call this sign "new" because Orange county seems to use two different signs to indicate county routes as you'll see in the next picture. It also seems that not all NYS counties sign their county routes (Orange, Sullivan, Rockland, Ulster and Suffolk do while Westchester, Putnam and Nassau don't) I don't know about the other NYS counties." Same thing elsewhere - some do, some don't -J.P. Jon Hirschkind 2006
Orange County CR . "This sign is much more common in Orange county than the "new" one. I haven't seen this type of county sign anywhere outside of Orange county. It has the shape of the county on it which is kind of neat. Another interesting point is the school bus stop ahead sign above the county sign. It is bright yellow instead of the typical diamond warning signs that are more of a dark mustard color. I've seen this bright colored sign used for pedestrian and school crossings as well. Jon Hirschkind 2006
I-84 / N Y 52 shields . "This sign is located on EB I-84 just past exit 8. Notice the white border around the NY52 sign. There's another about 1/2 mile farther east. These NY52 signs were installed within the last few months since I travel this section of I-84 several times a year. I've never seen this kind of sign before." I think it's a Thruway thing, as I-84 is maintained by the NYSTA. -J.P. Jon Hirschkind 2006
N Y 17 / N Y 32 shields along Larkin Dr in Monroe . "This sign is located on Larkin Dr. in Monroe as one heads towards Harriman and should have NYS shields, NOT NJ shields." Jon Hirschkind 2006
Welcome to New York on I-287 . "This sign is on I-287/NY 17 as you enter NY from NJ in Suffern. This sign replaced the traditional welcome to NY sign about 4 years ago or so." This is a NYSTA installed sign and can be found at Thruway maintained state entry points. Unfortunately, these signs seem to be prone to fading . Jon Hirschkind 2006
I-587 in Kingston. Here's Interstate 587, one of the shortest in the United States. It's 1.2 miles long. This roadway also shares the number of NY 28.
Jack Thomas Dec. '05
Overhead gantry for Spackenkill Rd and N Y 113 . This has an interesting "exit tab." Found along U S 9. Chris Prisciandaro Summer '05
N Y 9 shield on U S 9 . A common mistake in New York. Chris Prisciandaro Summer '05
Interstate 84, guide sign for Taconic Parkway . 1980s vintage button copy that is in desperate need of replacement. While I really like the looks of these older signs, I think they are a little worn out. Earl Cochran March'03
Interstate 84, guide sign for Ludingtonville Rd . Another button copy sign in need of replacement. Earl Cochran March '03
Interstate 84, guide sign for Wappinger's Falls . More old button copy signage. Earl Cochran March '03
Interstate 84, guide sign for Walden.  O.k., my last example. Earl Cochran March '03
Interstate 84, New York-Connecticut Line . An old button copy sign. If you look closely, you can see where the Governor's name is greened-out. Earl Cochran March '03
Your Tolls At Work. A construction sign at the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge, maintained by the NYS Bridge Authority.  Isn't this an old Thruway slogan?  John Krakoff August '01
Toll Bridge Sign. Another toll bridge sign by the NYS Bridge Authority, this one is at the Rip Van Winkle Bridge on N Y 23. John Krakoff August '01
I-87 / I-587 / N Y 28 Roundabout. The traffic circle (which is now technically a roundabout) at the Thruway interchange for Kingston was redesigned and resigned in 2001.  Here's one of the new signs. John Krakoff August '01
N Y 9 shield. One of many NY 9 shields south of Wappingers Falls on US 9. There's quite a few of these between Interstate 84 and US 44. Doug Kerr June '01
N Y 44 / N Y 55 shields. A NY 44 shield on US 44 and NY 55 on the approach to the Mid-Hudson Bridge in Highland.  Also, another variation in the New York route shield shape. Doug Kerr June '01
U S 125 shield. A US 125 shield on NY 125 northbound in White Plains. There a stretch of NY 125 with about 5 US shields on each side of the road approaching downtown White Plains. Doug Kerr June '01
U S 6 and U S 209 assembly . John Krakoff  
Vintage U S 9 shield. A fairly old US 9 shield. This one must be from the '60s. Signs older than this usually had "NY" or "US" at the top of the shield as appropriate. John Krakoff  
Village of Harriman assembly . There's not many of these types of signs around, most have been replaced by generic "Village Speed Limit" signs.  I find the top sign interesting, in that it would usually say "Village of Harriman", but that would seem redundant above this particular speed limit sign. John Krakoff  
Oddly shaped U S 209 shield . An unusually shaped US 209 shield (it's a little skinnier than usual) John Krakoff  
I-587 / N Y 28 assembly. Reassurance assembly on I-587/NY 28 in Kingston. I-587 is very short and doesn't have any exits, only an intersection at one end and a traffic circle at the other. Photo taken  Earl Cochran September '01