NYSDOT Region 9 Photo Gallery

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NYSDOT Region 9 includes Broome, Chenango, Delaware, Otsego, Schoharie, Sullivan and Tioga Counties. Click on image above to go to any other region.
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Photo Description Photographer Date
I-86 reference NY Route 52 approach to NY Route 17 / Future Interstate 86, Sullivan County . A relatively new installation pointing the way to NY Route 17 and Interstate 86 east. Like many of the signs in region 9 referring to I-86, the notation is backwards as the I-86 should come first. The interesting thing about this sign is that NY 17 is not officially Interstate 86 at this point and won't be for some time. I don't know why all capital letters were used for the destinations on these signs, they are in violation of the National MUTCD with NYS Supplement. Charlie Baran January 2008
Close up NY Route 52 approach to NY Route 17 / Future Interstate 86, Sullivan County . A close up of the same sign above. I'm not a big fan of "New York City", as New York is not the "City of New York City", however, I understand the rationale behind. Charlie Baran January 2008
NY 17 text Interstate 81 advance guide sign for NY 17 (future Interstate 86) interchange . A button copy, all text guide sign indicating the junction of I-81 and NY 17. The referred junction is for NY 17 WEST, NY 17 EAST follows I-81 for several miles before departing the main roadway. Charlie Baran January 2008
NY 17 Diagrammatic sign on Interstate 81, Broome County . Further upstream from the above photo, this diagram shows the layout of the interchange. Note the room for the addition of an "WEST 86" marker to the right of the WEST 17 marker. Technically the two would be out of order as interstates are to be listed first. In addition, the "Owego / Elmira" legend is an overlay that was added in the early 2000s, previously the legend just read "Elmira". I've always thought that "Scranton" should read "Scranton Pa", as I believe all out of state destinations should have their state abbreviations as well, aside from the most obvious references such as "Boston". Charlie Baran January 2008
NY Route 17 and Interstate 86 route markers . This is currently the last marker for Interstate 86 heading east on I-86/NY 17, as the Interstate 86 designation currently ends at the Broome-Delaware County Line. The markers are reversed, Interstate 86 should be listed first as it's an Interstate and considered the primary route. Charlie Baran 28 October 2007
Thumb NY Route 17 (Future Interstate 86) Exit 79 . Button-copy sign from the late 1980s showing the way to NY Route 79, Windsor. It's one of the rare instances where the exit number and the route number are the same.
Charlie Baran 28 October 2007
Thumb NY Route 17 (Future Interstate 86) Exit 87 . Guide sign leading the way to NY Routes 97 and 268 and PA Route 191. A Pa. route marker appears on two sets of guide signs on NY Route 17/Interstate 86, this is the only one east of Binghamton. In addition, it's a Pa. marker made to NYSDOT specs, as the numbers are in Series F (PennDOT uses Series D).
Charlie Baran 28 October 2007
NY Route 166 NB at NY 165 in Roseboom . Doug Kerr caught a signing/spelling mistake on a newer sign in Region 9. As I responded to Doug, there's been some really poor signage going up in this area over the past couple of weeks, I'm blaming shoddy contractor work, though I don't know if that's accurate or not. Doug Kerr 2007-06-17
NY Route 165 WB at NY 166 in Roseboom . Same intersection, same type of error that looks to have been hastily corrected. Doug Kerr 2007-06-17
Interstate 86 Exit 67 N . Here's the guide panel at the exit ramp for the Endicott Interchange with Interstate 86. The state route marker is a little out of spec but doesn't look half bad. J.P. Wing October 2006
US 10 marker in Deposit . Delaware County must really want a US route to run through their county, as there are several markers where NY 10 has been "promoted" to US 10. J.P. Wing 2007-06-08
US 27 marker north of Deposit . Yes, they must REALLY want a US Route in their county as here we have Delaware County Route 27 promoted to US 27 along this detour. J.P. Wing 2007-06-08
Interstate 88 Exit 1 Guide Panel . This is a temporary sign installed by NYSDOT, the overhead installation at this location had to be removed due to structural integrity issues and will be replaced in the future. Mark Sinsabaugh April 2007
Interstate 88 Exit 2 Guide Panel . Another temporary sign at an overhead installation that has been temporarily removed due to structural integrity issues. Many overhead sign installations have been temporarily pulled down in The Empire State for this reason, and NYSDOT is slowly replacing them. Each region seems to be doing their own thing when it comes to temporary signage, Region 9 opts to install these "mini-me" versions. Mark Sinsabaugh April 2007
Very old US Route 209 shield . Found in Sullivan County. Adam Prince October 29, 2006
Interstate 81 sign for Exit 6 (hopefully it's temporary) . This sign is found northbound on Interstate 81 just north of Binghamton and the I-88 interchange. I'm really hoping it's a temporary sign. I don't know where to start - the confirmatory shields, the all caps, the small lettering or having two action messages (1/4 mile AND a right arrow). J.P. Wing March 2007
Directional assembly at NY Route 17 (EB) Exit 66 . Notice the new shields installed for a NYSDOT reference route. I believe this is the most thoroughly marked reference route in the state. Normally, the 9xxx series of routes are not marked. J.P. Wing March 2007
Interstate 88 Shields . At Exit 20 entrance ramp in Richmondville, Schoharie County. Adam Prince October 2006
Classic Interstate 88 shields, example 1 and 2. What Ian believes to be the only two existing I-88 "New York" shields that are still on the actual freeway itself. They are both approximately four miles apart from each other in between Exit 12 Otego and Exit 13 Oneonta in Otsego County. They are located just after each respective Exit's entrance ramp to the freeway. Ian Hutchinson September 2006
Entering Chesapeake Bay Watershed . Located on I-88 westbound in Otsego County about 1 mile past the Otsego-Schoharie County Line. Until he noticed this sign a couple of years ago, Ian never realized that the watershed even reached into New York. (Neither did I.) Ian Hutchinson September 2006
Text only signage in Owego, Tioga County . NYSDOT Region 6 hears a different drummer when it comes to some aspect of their signing. Here's one example. *Note: Tioga County was originally in NYSDOT Region 6, as of August 2006 they have been moved to NYSDOT Region 9. Earl Cochran November 2004
Text only signage in Owego, Tioga County . And here's another example. Earl Cochran November 2004
N Y 34 shield in Waverly . By this assembly, it appears that N Y 34 and the Southern Tier Expressway are the same road.  Actually, N Y 34 south leads to the Southern Tier Expressway.  There should be a white-on-green "TO" over the STE shield, and a black-on-white arrow underneath the 34 shield. J.P. Wing December 2000
Old I-88 shield . An old Interstate 88 shield at Unadilla. Adam Prince Jan. 25, 2006
Old I-88 shield with oversized N Y 357 shield . At the Unadilla entrance to Interstate 88. Adam Prince Jan. 25, 2006
N Y 7 and NY 30A, Central Bridge . Classic N Y 7 and NY 30 A shields. Adam Prince July '06
N Y 165 - An original NYSDOT reference marker . These were installed in the late 1960s or early 1970s, this is an original. J.P. Wing March '06
Cooperstown Attractions . The brown signs showing the way to attractions is rather rare in Upstate New York, as NYSDOT opts for green or blue signs instead. Technically, they should be brown, like this one. J.P. Wing March '06
Concrete Roadway on Interstate 88 . Nothing beats the tried and true concrete! Jack Thomas Summer '05
Overhead Gantry at Interstate 88 in Oneonta . Unfortunately these all caps signs creep up in various places throughout the state. All caps signage is so backwards from readability studies. I don't know why NYSDOT is obsessed with it. Jack Thomas Summer '05
A vintage sign on N Y 7 in Binghamton, Broome County . As nice as the new signs are, as far as I'm concerned, nothing beats these old signs. I believe this is from the original designation of NY 17 on Interstate 81. J.P. Wing November '04
N Y 990V, Schoharie County.  The obligatory N Y 990V roadgeek shot.  N Y 990V is a NYSDOT reference route that has been marked as a touring route for some reason. Earl Cochran February '03
Interstate 88, Exit 15 guide sign.  A newer sign for I-88 Exit 15, probably installed around 1995.  The current 'look' of NYSDOT installed signs. Earl Cochran March '03
Junction N Y 23 and N Y 205.  Brand new shield installation.  Notice the new 'font' and shield shape.  I have a hunch that NYSDOT engineers have a new SignCAD type program with built in shield templates, which differ from the old shield shapes. Earl Cochran March '03
Junction N Y 23 and N Y 205. And just down the road, an older assembly with the 'traditional' shield shapes. (I like them much better personally). Earl Cochran March '03
Junction N Y 28, N Y 80 and N Y 205 . Early to mid 80s type signage, except for the right arrows, which appear to be quite old. Earl Cochran March '03
Exit 69 on N Y 17, Endwell.  An all-text sign that had not been replaced as of March 2002.  (It's since been replaced). Earl Cochran March '02
Reference Route 991W . A very nice original NYSDOT reference route marker. For the life of me, I can't remember where I found it. J.P. Wing  
N Y 17 Exit 87, N Y 97 (old signage) .  This sign was on NY 17 until about 1998.  It shows the old style of exit signage that was used by NYSDOT.  I don't think this style ever made it to the Interstates, but I do know that the Thruway did something similar, except that "N Y 97" would have been designated "ROUTE 97".  Notice the use of "Penna" instead of Pa. John Krakoff  
N Y 17 Exit 87, N Y 97 (old signage) close-up .  And this is at the exit ramp from the same exit.  Thruway exit ramps said "NEXT RIGHT" without the arrow or exit number. John Krakoff  
Sign assembly in Whitney Point. Here's an interesting assembly in Whitney Point.  It has the potential to be much larger, especially if it included cardinal directions, but that might make it too confusing.  J.P. Wing April '01
I-88 Exit 4 for Sanitaria Springs. This sign is interesting in several ways.  First, it is a very odd abbreviation of "Springs"  (I've seen "Spr" before, but never "Sprgs".)  Secondly, if you look really close, you'll notice that the "4" was added later.  When Interstate 88 was originally built, it was a slow process and built in chunks.  Apparently, engineers weren't sure how the exit numbering system was going to work out when the road was completed, so the exits weren't numbered until it was a finished project in the mid 80s.  There are still a couple of signs that are from the original construction, that have the exit number added later on (originally it just said EXIT with a blank space).  Also, original logo signs (the signs that indicate services near the exit, say "Next Right" instead of the exit number.) Note: This sign was replaced in Fall '03. The new sign maintains the "Sprgs" abbreviation. J.P. Wing April '01
N Y 166 Exit, Cherry Valley. Another example of old NYSDOT signage.  My favorite era of signs.  This one is found on US 20 near Cherry Valley. John Krakoff  
N Y 166 Exit, Cherry Valley. And it's counterpart at the exit ramp. John Krakoff  
U S 20 / N Y 166 assembly (vintage signage) . Here's an old NY 166 shield with the old style "6".  John Krakoff