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As a "road geek", one of my major interests lie in road signage, especially the signs found on freeways and expressways. Had I followed an alternate career path out of high school, I'd probably be working for NYSDOT as a traffic engineer today, bringing as much information in as little time as possible to the drivers of New York. As of 2007, I'm going to school for that very reason.

Since I currently do not work in that capacity, I opt to just throw my opinions out there instead. Included are some graphics that I have made that represent some of my signing suggestions for NYSDOT. I believe they follow the National Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. The graphics are depictions of signs that I would use to improve or enhance current installations. Where possible, I indicate the location of the current sign.

The new "Clearview" style lettering has made it's debut in The Empire State. I've included a page with some information on this new font.

In the past I have been approached by people interested in me creating a road sign graphic for them. I don't mind doing this, just contact me .

As a final note, I do not mean to sound like I'm being extra hard on NYSDOT Region 2, as they do a fine job. I just happen to live in Region 2 and have the means of making more observations here in this area.

Take a tour of the sign shop or click directly to one of my recommended sign designs. All of the suggestions can be navigated by a navigation bar at the bottom of each page.

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