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I-790 Overhead Pull Thru

Location: Interstate 790 / NY 5 EAST, NY 8 / NY 12 NORTH, City of Utica.

I-790 existing
I-790 pull thru

The sign at this location was installed during a sign rehab project in the mid 1990s. Down arrows aren't really needed because it's obvious which lanes are through lanes at this location. In addition, control cities and destinations should be included to aid the motorist. The two main roads here are NY 5 (toward Herkimer) and NY 12 (toward Watertown). NY 8 heads into the Adirondacks and I-790 leads to the Thruway, which should be indicated on a ground mounted supplemental destination sign further up the roadway.

While the Thruway is important to some motorists, adding markers to guide signs that are pointing the way for four concurrently signed touring routes just adds to sign clutter. However, when I-90 and/or the Thruway is mentioned on signage, it should be in tandem with references to both, instead of one or the other. Consistency is extremely valuable to the motorist.