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Excessive cardinal directions on guide signs

Location: Various locations across the state.

Cherry Valley
Cherry Valley

I've been noticing this trend for the past 10 years or so, the inclusion of a cardinal direction on an exit sign. The problem with this is that this sign would indicate that NY 166 NORTH goes somewhere else, maybe on an upcoming exit or perhaps it follows along the roadway the motorist is currently on. In actuality, NY 166's northern end is at this exit. There is no NY 166 NORTH. Since there's only one way to go on NY 166 once the driver exits, there is no need to include "SOUTH" on the sign. It's information that the motorist doesn't need.

Some other areas that include this are the NY 49/NY 825 interchange in Rome and at NY 5/NY 321 west of Camillus. In the latter case, this is on a two lane road that includes an assembly that says "JCT / SOUTH / (321)". There is no NORTH NY 321 at this location.