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Missing Overhead Assembly

Location: NY Route 840 EAST at Middle Settlement Rd interchange.

Current Sign: There is no overhead sign installation at the moment.

NY 840 overhead

On N Y 840 eastbound, the Middle Settlement Rd. interchange is quickly followed by the busy Commercial Drive interchange, which leads to the primary retail district for the entire area. The first mention of the interchange is at the beginning of the Commercial Drive exit ramp resulting in no advance notice for drivers unfamiliar with this area.

This situation could easily be remedied by the installation of overhead signs, much like the ones above, at the Middle Settlement Rd. ramp. An alternate remedy would be to install shown on the left above on the overhead bridge for Middle Settlement Road.

In addition, NYSDOT Region 2 makes no mention of "Commercial Dr" on any of the signs leading to this area, opting to identify the road as NY Route 5A. Unfortunately, Commercial Drive is the overwhelming designation used by area residents and businesses, with most unfamiliar with the NY Route 5A designation. Commercial Drive should be listed on all signs leading to this roadway. Right now, surface street signs identify as Commercial Drive, and even motorists on Middle Settlement Rd are led by surface street signs to Commercial Drive, but the guide signs don't carry the designation at all. Unfortunately this leads to a dangerous situation for drivers as unnecessary and last minute weaving at the Commercial Drive exit ramp has becoming commonplace.