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Mileage Signs on Secondary Routes

Location: Throughout the state.

Current Sign: As suggested, however sporadically. 99% of the signs are in all capital letters, FWHA Series D.

[Two Line Destination]       [Three line destinations

There are rural areas of Upstate New York with quite a bit of distance between hamlets, towns, villages and cities. Many of these municipalities are connected by two-lane roads. NYSDOT sporadically signs the distance to the next major town on some of these two-lane highways. This should be done more often.

When designing signs such as these, they should give the distance to two locations, the next location and the next "major" location, or the end of the touring route if within a reasonable distance. The only time one destination should be listed is if the route ends in that town.

In addition, intersections at touring route junctions should give clear directions to destinations to motorists. The order in which these appear on guide signs should always be the same, straight ahead on the top line, left turn on the second, right turn third.

I always recommend the use of mixed case lettering to enhance driver recognition of the sign legend as it allows motorists to recognize a word by "word shape", which some do when reading. Both the NYS MUTCD and the National MUTCD with NYS Supplement allow for the use of the lower-case version of Series D lettering. The version of Series D mixed case shown in the left hand example is used in Georgia and is slightly different in that it lacks the dots over the "i" and "j". This helps drivers differentiate between "i", "l" and "1".