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As recommended by Chris Jordan

Location: Throughout the state.

Current Sign: Does not exist.


This recommendation comes from Chris Jordan.

"I've never seen a "heads up" by DOT on freeways as far as multiplexes go. For example, you're heading on 890 East and you get to the Exit 7, 7 East, sign. You're told that 7 East is for the exit, yet there is no information concerning 7 West.

"This is where my suggestion comes in.

"After the initial sign for the 7 East exit, this sign should appear, informing traffic wanting 7 West to use 890 East.

"This obviously can be used through out the state on many situations where a route number comes onto a highway. It also gives drivers better information about the designation's routing. I have yet to see this type of sign employed anywhere in the state, or outside of New York for the matter."

I agree with Chris on this recommendation. In many such instances, an overhead sign is installed with the "multiplexed" routes all listed on the sign panel, however, this practice is applied sporadically throughout the state. I also mentioned to Chris in my response to his suggestion that I would alter the panel to read "EAST 890" to remain consistent with using the cardinal directions to hint towards direction of traffic flow for the desired route.