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I-790/NY 5-8-12-49 Interchange

Location: City of Utica, Oneida County.

NY 49 interchange recommendation

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At this interchange in Oneida County there are a lot of route numbers converging. Thru Traffic follows NY 8 and NY 12 NORTH, exiting traffic follows ramp to another split for NY 49 WEST or I-790 and NY 5 EAST. Current signs include references "To Interstate 90", with no mention of the Thruway. The current set up is an evolution of the original signs when this interchange was in it's original configuration until 1989. There is a supplemental destination sign that says "Rome-Herkimer NEXT RIGHT". Overhead signs at the split include references to Rome, but no references to Herkimer.

In my proposal, I leave references "To 90" off guide signs to reduce sign clutter. I replace the supplemental destination sign with a new panel referencing both I-90 and the Thruway. I've also moved the Herkimer reference to the main panels. The current 3/4 mile advance panel has no mention of control cities. Where I reference a diagrammatic panel, the current panel simply says "EAST 790 / EAST 5 / WEST 49 / To 90 KEEP RIGHT". Some NY 8-12 pull thrus include NO control cities, others include "THRU TRAFFIC". The northern most sign bridge had new panels installed Summer 2006, other panels are from the rehab in the late 1980s.

In my recommendation, the 3/4 mile advance sign includes control cities that are maintained on all signs to promote continuity. The diagrammatic sign does not include the exiting destinations to reduce legend clutter and windload issues. I've included the 49 and 790/5 legend at the gore onto one panel separated by a line, as done in many, many other locations throughout the country. This illustrates to the motorist that there is one ramp leading to both destinations and the line hints at a split further down the ramp.

I've also included blank exit number tabs for future implementation needs.