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Freeway / Expressway Entrance Ramp Signs

Location: All freeways and expressways statewide. In this particular instance, NY Route 49.

Existing Sign: Various methods of guiding drivers onto entrance ramps including standalone shields and signage of this type.

Entrance Ramp

This is the type of signage mentioned in the National MUTCD for entrance ramps to expressways and freeways. Currently different regions of NYSDOT use various methods that is not consistent. California uses the "Freeway Entrance" sign pointing to the entrance ramp to let the driver know that they are entering a freeway or expressway and should adjust their driving habits appropriately. This sign serves the same purpose. Mileage to the control point does not need to be included because there should be a post-interchange mileage sign on the expressway.

See the National MUTCD Section 2E.49 and corresponding section in the NYS State Supplement to the MUTCD.