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Picnic Areas

This signshop recommendation is for all the upstate freeways.

[Picnic Area]

One of the beautiful things about Upstate New York is variety of attractions; forests, mountains, rivers, waterfalls and a beautiful countryside. Tourists from all over come to The Empire State to enjoy everything we have to offer. Many motorists and their families pack a picnic lunch to enjoy as they make their way to their intended destinations.

Along our long-distance interstates and other freeways, we have Rest Areas to provide sanitary facilities for our motorists. We also have Parking Areas that do not have restrooms but do offer parking and picnic areas to motorists.

It would be beneficial to our tourism industry to sign our Parking Areas as Picnic Areas as appropriate. By advising that there are picnic tables, it makes our area seem more tourist-friendly to visitors. This is allowed in the National MUTCD with New York State Supplement:

Section 2D.42 Rest Area Signs (D5 Series)
Standard: Rest Area signs shall be used only where parking and restroom facilities are available. Signs for this purpose shall have retroreflective white letters, symbols and border on a blue background.

Guidance: Where used, Rest Area signs should be installed in advance of roadside parks or rest areas to permit the driver to reduce speed and leave the highway reasonably safely.

Option: Messages such as REST AREA X MILE, REST AREA, PARKING AREA X MILE, PARKING AREA, ROADSIDE TABLE X MILE, ROADSIDE PARK X MILE and PICNIC AREA X MILE may be used, as well as other appropriate messages.