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The signage of the interchange was replaced in summer 2009. This concern no longer exists. The overhead signs were removed and the interchange is now marked: "EAST 365 - NORTH 825 / E Dominick St / Griffiss Tech Park / Griffiss Int Airport"

Supplemental Exit Signs

This signshop recommendation is for the Utica-Rome Expressway at the Griffiss Park Interchange. The existing panels are pictured:

[EXIT 54]
[EXIT 16] Oneida Co Airport

In January 2007, Oneida County relocated the county airport from a site in the Town of Whitestown to Griffiss Airfield (on the old Air Force Base). NYSDOT and the NYSTA have changed guide signs to point the way to the new location of the airport. NYSDOT opted to use symbol signs along the freeways and expressways leading to the area. This contradicts the National MUTCD with NYS Supplement.

One trend that I've noticed in this area is the posting of multiple attraction symbol signs at the beginning of the exit ramps. For example, the current signs at this ramp include a "MVCC" plaque with the college symbol underneath, followed by a arrow pointing to the ramp is mounted on the same assembly as the new "Griffiss" and airport symbol with arrow. This sign assembly is separate from the other signs for this interchange. In fact, this interchange has two sets of separate guide signs with different messages referring to the same interchange. "Group 1" reads "NY 365 EAST / E Dominick St / Griffiss Park." This sign is at the 1 mile advance and on the overhead assembly at the gore. "Group 2" reads "NY 825 NORTH / Griffiss Business & Technology Park". This sign is at the 1/2 mile advance and also ground mounted at the exit ramp. To add to the sign clutter, there is the aforementioned "MVCC" logo sign. This is confusing at best for the motorist.

An effort should be made to maintain consistent signing for the interchange, without bombarding the motorist with logo signs at the last minute. I propose replacing the existing advance guide sign and overhead sign at the exit ramp with the sign above. When distance based interchange numbering is implemented, this should be exit 54. Preplanning should be done as soon as possible to minimize budgetary concerns, a blank exit tab should be included on the assembly for directional guidance cues and the assignment of an exit number in the future.

The inclusion of "NORTH" for NY Route 825 is unnecessary as this is the southern terminus for the route. It is impossible for the motorist to go south, but the inclusion of "NORTH" suggests that there is also a southern direction to the route elsewhere.

In addition, I've included a supplemental destination panel to indicate that this interchange is also for Griffiss Airfield and the Rome Campus for Mohawk Valley Community College. This would eliminate the barrage of logo signs the driver encounters at the gore.