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Out Of State Control Cities

This design is recommended for all signs throughout the Empire State.

I-87 Exit 17  Post Interchange

There are many instances near the state border where control cities in neighboring states is listed on signage. To improve motorist guidance, it is important to include the state abbreviation with the name of the out of state location. NYSDOT Region 5 currently does this very well in Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties. By including the state abbreviation, it gives the motorist additional confirmatory information as to whether they are heading in the correct direction or not.

I don't believe that redundant abbreviations should be included, for example, along the Thruway westbound, post-interchange signs read "Pa Line XX / Erie XX", and I think this is sufficient since "Erie" is listed after the "Pa Line" notation. In addition, obvious out of state destinations such as "Boston" shouldn't need the state abbreviation included.

The other regions of NYSDOT should follow the lead of Region 5 with this type of legend.

The examples above are as follows:

  1. I-87/Thruway Exit 17 will get new signage when the interchange reconstruction is complete. These signs will note standard FHWA approved control destinations for I-84, hence the "Danbury Ct" inclusion on my example.
  2. The Binghamton/Scranton Pa post interchange sign would replace one of the few button copy signs left along Interstate 81, this would appear southbound just beyond the Whitney Point interchange.