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NYS Business Route 49

This design is recommended for the Town of Marcy in Oneida County, however this scenario could be applied elsewhere in New York State.

Business Route 49

In 2003, the NY Route 49 designation was moved off of River Road in the Town of Marcy and moved to the Utica-Rome Expressway. Maintenance of River Road was turned over to the town at the same time.

River Road is still commonly referred to as "Route 49" by many local residents.

The businesses along this former routing have expressed concern about the considerable decrease in traffic. With the opening of the Utica-Rome Expressway, NYSDOT implemented logo service signs at the interchanges in the Town of Marcy and clearly labeled all routes to the "Marcy Business District." Region 2 should be commended on the amount of signage they installed to make motorists aware of the businesses in this area.

I believe signage could be taken one step further. Taking a cue from Onondaga County*, I am proposing the designation of "Business Route 49" along River Road in the Town of Marcy, using a trailblazer as shown above. The green and white scheme is similar to that of business interstate routes as mentioned in the National MUTCD, Section 2D.11. Business State Routes are not mentioned in the NYS Supplement nor in the NYS MUTCD. My proposed marker uses the NY route marker in NYS MUTCD size "C" with compatibly-sized Series C lettering for "BUSINESS ROUTE".

* In the early 1980s, maintenance of NY Route 57 in Onondaga County was turned over to the county, which numbered it as County Route 91, however, Onondaga County elected to sign the route as County Route 57, to match the local nomenclature of "Route 57" and adjoining Oswego County Route 57.