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Tourist Guidance - Color-Coded Destination

This design is recommended for statewide application.

Destination Color Codes

Cities across the Empire State use wildly varying means for signing tourist attractions in their area. Unfortunately, this creates confusion for motorists, as they don't know what type of sign to look for. There needs to be a consistent signing practice for guiding tourists to attractions. This is addressed in the National MUTCD with NYS Supplement.

Section 2D.03 Color, Retroreflection and Illumination (relevent information shown):
Support: Color coding is sometimes used to help road users distinguish between multiple potentially confusing destinations. Examples of valuable uses of color coding include guide signs for roadways approaching or inside an airport property with multiple terminals serving multiple airlines, and wayfinding signs for various traffic generator destinations within a community or area.

Different color sign backgrounds shall not be used to provide color coding of destinations. The color coding shall be accomplished by the use of different colored square or rectangular panels on the face of the guide signs.

The different colored panels may include a black or white (whichever provides the better contrast with the panel color) letter, numeral, or other appropriate designation to identify the airport terminal or other destination.

My example includes a brown background for these types of signs simply because they provide guidance to tourist attractions. This particular example would be found southbound on the corner of Genesee Street and Court Street in the City of Utica.

To maintain consistency for motorists, the same type of legend should be used on freeway and expressway signage. For example, this panel is recommended for the Court Street intersection on Utica's North-South Arterial, which may eventually be replaced by a freeway interchange in future projects.

[Court St]"

I opted to use Series D Mixed Case lettering to maintain consistency with the guide panels as pictured above.