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Freeway Guidance: Emergency Services

This design is recommended for statewide application.

Emergency Services       Emergency Services

The current practices of signing the availability of emergency services from freeway interchanges varies across The Empire State. This could be a problem in that because if there was ever a need for consistency in signing practices it would be during an emergency situation.

At many interchanges a hospital or police marker is posted as a supplemental sign on the main exit sign panel installation. In some cases these are installed near the exit number at the top of the sign, in other situations they're below the main panel and in other instances they're not on the main panel installation but rather the gore sign at the exit ramp.

I recommend the above designs to be the last sign in the sequence leading up to the interchange. I believe the size of the sign should be standard, making the absence or inclusion of service indicators obvious to the motorist.

This recommendation should be implemented in tandem with scheduled sign rehabilitation products.

Astute observers will notice that I designed this sign as if it were to be manufactured on an extruded panel instead of incremental panel. This is a result of a different method of creating the graphic, the suggested sign should be installed to current sign manufacturing specifications.