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Improved Merging at Freeway Interchanges

This design is recommended for statewide application.

Match Speed

When freeways and expressways were being built throughout the United States and for many years to follow, motorists were instructed to use an interchange on-ramp to accelerate to the speed of traffic on the freeway facility so that they could smoothly merge into traffic. Unfortunately, as a more casual approach to driving is becoming evident, an increasing number of drivers are not doing this with some going so far as to brake at the end of a freeway on-ramp before entering traffic. Our freeways and expressways were not designed for this disruption in traffic flow and many motorists are caught of guard by this type of behavior. This can be a safety issue for both traffic on the freeway as well as those entering.

Driver education is key in these circumstances, however, since many motorists simply ignore the proper way to enter a freeway facility, it is important to remind drivers of their responsibilities. This is the reason for the sign suggested above.

This design was somewhat inspired by MDOT (Maryland DOT) and their use of "UPGRADE - MAINTAIN SPEED" signs along Interstate 83. The use of the "match speed" sign above will alert motorists that they are entering a freeway facility and that they should match the speed of existing traffic on the freeway as they travel the interchange on-ramp.

Ideally this type of sign shouldn't be needed, however, as mentioned before motorists as becoming alarmingly casual in their driving methods (failure to keep right except to pass, mobile phone use, etc) and perhaps educational signs, as well as law enforcement, is the only way to assure a safe experience for the drivers throughout The Empire State.

It may be beneficial to replace "FREEWAY" with "EXPRESSWAY" in The Empire State, as motorists tend to use "EXPRESSWAY" for both freeways and expressways.