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Freeway Symbol

This design is recommended for statewide application.

With the recent trend of trying to accomodate non-English speaking people in the United States and inspired by a recent trip to Europe, it is time to introduce the European "motorway" symbol to American Freeways.

Freeway Ends

The use of this symbol on American freeways is two fold. First of all, it gives non-English speaking motorists a visual clue that a freeway facility begins or ends (depending on the situation) without needing to rely on the legend on the sign panel. Secondly, it also gives American motorists a visual clue of the same thing and that they need to adjust their driving patterns accordingly.

An alternative to the suggestion preceding this one would be a panel such as the one pictured on all entrances to a freeway facility.

Freeway Begins

The purpose of introducing this symbol to the United States is similar to the reasoning behind the use of Clearview; it will allow motorists of all ages and nationalities to comprehend panel legend in a simple manner.