Speed Limits in New York State

Current Speed Limit Information from the NYS MUTCD
(Part 212)

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212.5 Minimum speed limit signs.
[Minimum Speed]

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  1. Application. This sign shall be used for posting minimum speed limits. These regulations have limited application, but occasionally may be useful on high-volume freeways where unusually slow vehicles consistently impede normal traffic flow. The R2-9 sign may be used only where maximum speed limits are also posted.
  2. Location.
    1. An R2-9 sign shall be installed below, or to the right of, each maximum speed limit sign on the section of highway where a minimum speed limit applies. The end of a minimum speed regulation shall be posted by an appropriate maximum speed limit sign without an accompanying R2-9 sign.
    2. Where a minimum speed limit is established on a highway subject to the Statewide speed limit, R2-2 signs shall be installed at reasonable intervals. On freeways, the signs should be placed beyond each entrance ramp. On other types of highways, they should be placed beyond major intersections, with spacings between successive signs generally not exceeding one mile.
212.6 Speed zone ahead signs.
[Speed Zone]

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  1. Application
    1. These signs are used to inform motorists of a reduced speed limit ahead. They are intended primarily for situations where motorists would not see the initial sign for the lower speed limit in time to comply with it.
    2. The R2-10 sign is for use where the statewide speed limit is followed by a lower posted speed limit.
    3. The R2-12 sign is for use where any speed limit is followed by a lower speed limit.
    4. Where used in advance of a school speed limit, these signs shall be supplemented by school signs
    5. An R2-10 or R2-12 sign used in conjunction with a work zone speed limit or a school speed limit may be supplemented with an R7-12 sign (black on white "FINES HIGHER") indicating that fines imposed for violating the speed limit are higher than those imposed for violating other speed limits.
  2. Size. The sign used should be the same size as the maximum speed limit which follows it.
  3. Location. Where used, these signs shall be placed in advance of the initial sign for the reduced speed limit. The advanced posting distance should be based on approach speed and the numerical value of that reduced limit. Table 230-2 (see printed text) should be used as a guide in determining advance posting distance.
  4. Illustrations. Figure 240-4 (see printed text) shows an example of an R2-10 sign used in advance of a school speed zone.
  5. Supplemental and related devices. R7-2 and R7-12 supplementary regulatory signs, school sign and work zone sign (see printed text).
212.7 End speed zone sign.
[Speed Zone]

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  1. Application.
    1. This sign is for use in posting the end of a linear or area speed limit which is followed by the statewide limit. It is a substitute for the R2-2 sign at that location.
    2. The R2-11 sign shall be used only where the R2-2 sign would be unsuitable because of conditions immediately beyond the sign location. Examples of such conditions are:
      1. A curve with advisory speed less than the statewide limit.
      2. A school building adjacent to the highway.
      3. Highway and/or roadside characteristics which are not conducive to an immediate increase in travel speed.
  2. Related requirement. Where the R2-11 sign is used, an R2-2 sign shall be placed beyond it at the first suitable location, unless another speed restriction begins within one-qurater mile of that location.