Out Of State Photos

Sign photos from Texas.

Description Photographer Date
Oklahoma-Texas State Line on I-40. Texas keeps the state line marked in a simple way. Earl Cochran May 2006
Speed Limit 70 / Night Speed Limit 65. While portions of I-10 and I-20 were upgraded to a 80 MPH daytime speed limit in May 2006, I-40 is still at 70 in the daytime. This was the first time I had seen a night speed limit posted up close and personal. Earl Cochran May 2006
I-40 Exit 77. A new Clearview sign in Amarillo. Seeing the Clearview signs in Texas actually changed my opinion of the new road sign alphabet. Though PennDOT tested and developed the new style of lettering, Texas does a superior job of implementing it. I'm now actually looking forward to it's arrival in The Empire State, as long as they can do it the Texas way. Earl Cochran May 2006
I-40 Exit 96. Texas designs their signs very well. The arrow in the upper right-hand corner reminded me of Connecticut. Earl Cochran May 2006