Site Updates

16 Dec 12: Corrected Exit 48 A information for Interstate 81 Exit Guide.

21 Nov 12: Interstate 781 Exit Guide now available.

18 Nov 12: I decided to revive the tumblr, there's photos on there that are accessible from the main index page. Updated the Interstate 86/NY Route 17 Exit Listing with the reconfiguration in the Elmira area.

22 Mar 12: fixed a couple of errors on the Interstate 87 Exit Guide.

26 Feb 12: updated NY Route 840 exit listing and put some photos up on the Tumblr. Photos will now appear on Tumblr, as will road trip dialogs.

29 Dec 11: updated I-86 and NY Route 49 exit listings.

19 September 2010: I updated the I-86 page with exit information

28 May 2010: What do you know, I still have a website here. I updated the I-86 page with some speed limit information.

04 January 2010: Included information on The 'Northern Corridor Project' aka I-98 or Rooftop Highway.

12 December 2009: included information On Interstate 781.

08 December 2009: updated the Interstate 86 / NY Route 17 Exit Guide, US Route 15 Exit Guide, and Interstate 390 Exit Guide based on information from Chris Jordan.

01 November 2009: adjusted the Interstate 690 exit guide to reflect the new mileposts.

17 September 2009: cleaned up links page, cleaned up I-84 exit guide.

07 September 2009: Still alive. Thanked NYSDOT R2 for being proactive with mixed-case destination signs. Added banners to signshop main page and signshop 41.

04 April 2009: redesigning the signshop. First panel done. Old signshop to go away very soon.

25 February 2009: updated NY Route 49 exit listing based on new signs being installed this summer.

30 December 2008: updated I-490 exit listing

21 September 2008: new photo from Region 8.

01 September 2008: the introduction of "Region 2 Quirks"

27 May 2008: New sign photos from the Utica area and the Thruway.

14 May 2008: Updated Signshop Suggestion for the Griffiss Business & Technology Park interchange on NY Route 49 in Oneida County.

11 May 2008: Updated Interstate 90 Exit Guide for Exit 32 secondary destination of "Griffiss Business & Tech Park". The new sign replaces an older "Griffiss A F B" and the new sign is in Clearview.

10 May 2008: Added Jamestown Savings Bank Ice Arena as a tourist attraction for Chautauqua County. If your organisation has a tourist attraction they would like added to the site, drop me a line through a "contact" link.

09 May 2008: Updated exit listing information for Interstate 690.

02 April 2008: Signshop suggestion for the Upstate New York snowbelts. Redesigned and edited several other signshop suggestions.

30 January 2008: Photos from Region 4 courtesy of Jeremy Lefort.

29 January 2008: Introducing the NY Route 13 exit guide. Photo updates in Regions 3, 8 and 9.

29 December 2007: New photos from Charlie Baran from Region 2 and Region 9.

09 December 2007: A signshop suggestion aimed at improving motorist location identification along the Thruway. Also an update to the Improving Thruway guidance at Exit 24 suggestion from earlier this week.

07 December 2007: Added David Golub's Greater NY roads to the links page.

02 December 2007: Improving Thruway guidance at Exit 24 suggestion in the signshop.

28 November 2007: Put the main index page into "winter mode" with weather links.

23 November 2007: New photos courtesy of John Krakoff of Interstate 84 Exit 5A . Updated Interstate 84 exit guide accordingly.

06 November 2007: Signshop suggestion inspired by a recent trip to Europe.

01 November 2007: Pictures of the new signs installed on Interstate 790 thus far, available on the Index page and my Region 2 page.

30 October 2007: Added a link to my latest concern with NYSDOT Region 2. The reason for including this link is to show readers what I look for when I'm 'critiquing' a sign installation project. I fear sounding like a prick, but I decided to go ahead and do it anyway. *2nd update - I added a graphic depicting how I would have designed that particular installation.

October 15, 2007: Removed link to blog as I'm not actively maintaining it, since I can't keep up with it with my school schedule. HTML cleanups sitewide.

September 9, 2007: Signshop suggestion addressing Freeway on-ramp speed issues .

August 24, 2007: Graphic change on index page, no other substantial update.

August 21, 2007: New article about Interstate route markers in New York. Updated a graphic on a signshop suggestion , added a graphic on the Clearview article and redesigned the larger two- and three-digit interstate route markers throughout the site.

August 14, 2007: Added link in sidebar to the New York State Thruway Authority TRANSalert .

August 13, 2007: change in sign photo on index page.

August 7, 2007: Site maintenance, no significant changes.

August 4, 2007: New photos from Regions 2 and 7 .

July 30, 2007: Two new blurry photos from New Brunswick .

July 29, 2007: New photos from NYSDOT Region 2 . Added a Glossary page using data from the NYS MUTCD and added a question and answer to the FAQ. Emergency services sign recommendation in the signshop. Updated NYSDOT Region 4 recommendation in signshop.

July 9, 2007: New photos from NYSDOT Region 2 . Archived this page to include only the past two months of entries.

July 7, 2007: added a link to NY @ Canhighways , maintained by Scott Steeves.

July 5, 2007: updated Tourist Color Colored Destination signing suggestion.

July 1, 2007: Signshop suggestion for Tourist Color Coded Destination signing. Tweaked About.

June 29, 2007: NYSDOT Region 3 keeps it consistent .

June 28, 2007: one new photo in Region 2 .

June 17, 2007: two new photos in Region 9 courtesy of Doug Kerr, both of the signs photographed have 'issues'.

June 14, 2007: in light of the latest recommendation in the sign shop, I have modified the exit guides to reflect the suggested exit numbers on NY 5S, NY 33, NY 49 and NY 400 accordingly.

June 14, 2007: Sign shop recommendation addressing distance based interchange numbering in The Empire State. In addition a link to the article that inspired this latest sign shop recommendation.

June 12, 2007: New photos with occasional commentary from Regions 5 6, and 9. The main photo gallery page will now show the date of the last update for each of the NYSDOT region photo and other photo pages.

June 12, 2007: I am actively blogging again. Blog updates will NOT be reflected in the updated date on the index page, however, you can use the RSS feed (link on the blog) to monitor updates.

June 10, 2007: new sign photos from the Syracuse Area .

June 8, 2007: new sign photos from Interstate 84 and the Deposit area in Delaware County.

June 4, 2007: Out of state destinations are addressed in the Signshop. Updated other entries in the Signshop, as denoted by the new "Updated" flag. Suggestion for Business Route 49 in the Town of Marcy, Oneida County.